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#107 - Dominator

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#107 - Dominator

Post by Lazarus Carter on Sun Jun 02, 2013 12:55 pm


Name: Dominator
Aliases: Beastmaster

Sphere: The Great Undercroft as its home though it travels to make beasts its own.
Tier: Elite


Abilities: The Dominator itself is an elite unit of Belial's armies. On its own, its combat prowess is not entirely perfect. Its tactical intelligence is grand, and it speaks in Belial's own hellish infernal dialects of Demon, and though its skill with a blade is formidable, other, even regular units, are able to very easily trump the Dominator one-on-one.

This is not where its skill lies.

The Dominator, with varying ease depending on the power, size, and intelligence of its target, can go out and find any wild Demon, and indoctrinate it to work as its will. Bestial Demons, as a starter, tend to work better, as they're usually less smart and apt concerning their surroundings, but anything with enough stupidity will swiftly pledge its life to the Dominator's cause by its unbreakable attraction.

Typically those with the sentience of a human are fine, and non-Demons cannot be effected. The Dominator itself usually struggles to tame or control one or two large Demons, but smaller and considerably more stupid pack Demons, for instance the realm's Underbeast, can be tamed in large groups with ease. Smart, unique, or even to an extent elite Demons are usually exempt from this ruling, and many things depend on the Dominator's skill.

Few Dominators have existed with the ability to control human or human-esque life, and many struggle to reign in a large and powerful Demon, for instance a Kur. Dominators train for eons, and as their skills hone, so do their controls over their thralls; a comparative novice Dominator will only be able to order their quarry to attack or guard or run away, whereas an expert can order complex telepathic tactics.

Dominators develop some form of empathetic bond with their creatures (typically, anyway) and physical contact makes the control that much more sophisticated, leading most Dominators to actually mount the Demons or stay in their general vicinity to exert a greater degree of control. It is only those with apt skill that can stand at a range and control a battlefield; but a skilled Dominator can forge these bonds swiftly and with aplomb, and one of the Dominators' elite higher castes can seemingly control entire battles from afar, making them some of the grandest tacticians and controllers of all.

Often slaying a Dominator's bonded Demon, especially if the empathetic bond is strong, causes them large amounts of mental - and sometimes physical - pain and stress.

Miscellaneous Notes: - Inspired by the Nazgul of Tolkienistic fantasy.
- Almost useless on their own combat-wise.
- Think Dungeon Master.
- Only ranked as Elite for their potential to grow to such powerful standards.


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