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#097 - Ice Worm

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#097 - Ice Worm Empty #097 - Ice Worm

Post by Diogenes the Cynic on Tue May 21, 2013 4:49 am


Name: Ice Worm
Aliases: Nightlurker, Icelurker, Naga of the Ice, Tundra Tunneller

Sphere: Stygian Tundra
Tier: Regular

#097 - Ice Worm 2145__440x334_naga-nightlurkerdd

Deep beneath the Stygian Tundra, where the glaciers run free and the great Moloch tramples upon the unexpected, there have been many numerous tunnels dug straight through the solid rock. These are all thanks to the resident 'mole' of the Stygian Tundra, the tunneller, the whisperer, the slayer...the Ice Worm...

Ice Worms are rather large creatures (like most of the wildlife in the Stygian Tundra). They range in size from about 10 feet with a 3/4 foot diameter to about 60 with a 4 1/2 foot diameter, and can grow to over a ton in weight. They are covered in armor and bear powerful limbs that thrust their body forward, and can change the rock's temperature super-fast so that it becomes brittle enough for it to tunnel through with its armored head. In the event that they come to surface, it's primarily to feed. They have row after row of sharp teeth and can quickly use their physical adaptations to full effectiveness against their prey, killing them through temperature exposure.

Ice Worms are prized for a particular chemical they produce as a result of feeding and spending almost all of their lives below ground. This chemical is regurgitated by the creature upon death, coming out in the form of a solid piece of material known as "Spice." It is a powerful stimulant, capable of increasing mental cognition in Inferis and giving immense sensitivity and absorption of Soul Energy, though the downside is that it can get very addictive if consumed at a high enough rate. Spice cannot exist outside of Inferis; this has been confirmed by multiple sources.

Abilities: Ice Worms can tunnel through solid rock by changing the temperature around their armored heads so quickly that the rock shatters and erodes away in front of them. While making new tunnels takes a long time, they can move at incredible speeds in existing tunnels. Their claws are individually sharp but are short and make for poor melee weapons. They are covered in tough armor that is resistant to small arms fire, but it has many chinks. They also have a mouth full of sharp teeth.

Ice Worms are physically blind, but use touch and sound to locate their prey. Their favored form of ambush is by attacking from below like a shark, burrowing into the permafrost and erupting beneath prey in the ice. Thankfully their hunting grounds are easy to spot; tunnels and burrows in the snow can be seen for miles and they tend to stick to flat areas where the burrowing is easy and the permafrost thick.

Miscellaneous Notes: - The Ice Worm was inspired by the Naga Nightlurker from Hordes
- Ice Worms can be really, really nasty to deal with in close quarters
- Moloch uses the juices inside of them for chocolate sauce on his sundaes on occasion, making them a prized crop for his ice cream business
- The spice must flo-hmm...wait a second, this doesn't look like Arakkis?

#097 - Ice Worm Arrow1m #097 - Ice Worm Pentacle1 #097 - Ice Worm Arrow2a


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