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#096 - Stone Tusk

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#096 - Stone Tusk Empty #096 - Stone Tusk

Post by Diogenes the Cynic on Tue May 21, 2013 4:24 am


Name: Stone Tusk
Aliases: Stone Horn, Ice Horn, Stone Beast, Rutheless Beast, Stonehorn Jackson

Sphere: Stygian Tundra
Tier: Regular

#096 - Stone Tusk Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSzWuRkwMgOtlQmPhn-r346e4g4vshLYq4VcHjTCNDVXBJ2rn2b

Almost every region in Inferis has a sort of ecosystem; a 'natural balance' in which insentient demons thrive. These lesser creatures are often hunted for their soul energy, and are consumed by larger ones to continue the balance. When these creatures die of 'natural causes' they will also give up their soul energy back into the greater whole of Inferis, where it can be taken and refined within the Spirelands.

However, most of these insentient creatures won't simply give up without a fight, and as such they have evolved into ever extreme measures. The Stone Tusk is perhaps the epitome of this truth. A giant of a creature, coming at just under 26 feet in length, the Stone Tusk is a shaggy beast that appears similar to the ice age creatures of ancient Earth. Almost like a horrid recreation of a Musk Ox, the creature has woolly fur that keeps it from freezing in the bitter cold.

However, that's not the adaptation that makes it so feared. It's adaptation is that it has managed to bond itself with the stone of Inferis, transforming its body into an almost indestructible powerhouse. Its hooves are made of solid granite, its bones a kind of quartz material. Of course, its horns and tusks, of which it is aptly named after, are also made of stone; a kind of basalt of sorts. The stone grows naturally on its body though it needs to consume stone in order to help it grow, and that takes a long, long time.

Stone Tusks are omnivores, and will eat either meat or veggies in equal gusto. They spend most of their time grazing; toppling trees and feasting on the frozen needles or digging up grasses that manage to grow beneath the snow. In the event that meat is available, they will scavenge, but they primarily only eat the meat of those they killed through territorial disputes. Virtually anything that moves is considered to a Stone Tusk a potential threat, and they will not hesitate to charge.

A Stone Tusk's natural enemies is perhaps itself, because very few animals would dare run the risk of brutal retaliation if they attack. Stone Tusks are cannibalistic; given that their body is made up of stone as well as flesh, it's far easier to recycle the dead than it is to go searching for deposits elsewhere. Stone Tusks live in herds numbering up to a dozen adult individuals, with juveniles and young in between.

Abilities: Stone Tusks are physically impressive. They are 26 feet long and almost all of their body is covered in muscle... what isn't made up of stone, anyway. They are physically strong enough to carry their own impressive weight and charge at fantastic speeds. Of course, they also have poor eyesight, and rely on hearing and smell in order to detect a threat. Stone Tusks can regenerate broken bits of stone over long periods of time. Of all the 'tamable' demons, Stone Tusks are considered among the easier ones. It's not uncommon for a Demon Hunter or Ritualist to be seen riding one, let alone a sentient Demon.

Miscellaneous Notes: - Yeah, you read that right. Stonehorn Jackson.
- Stone Tusks were inspired by Stonehorns from Warhammer Fantasy
- That being said I'd appreciate if someone could find me actual artwork for them
- The Stone Tusk is the natural enemy of the rhinoceros
- Their blubber makes great lamp oil
- They are rumored to have a heart laced with a diamond outer coating, making their bodies desirable to poachers

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