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#090 - Lich

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#090 - Lich Empty #090 - Lich

Post by Lazarus Carter on Sun May 19, 2013 10:27 am


Name: Lich
Aliases: Deadman, Archmage

Sphere: The Great Undercroft
Tier: Regular, but only due to their rarity

#090 - Lich Aui52p

Abilities: Liches are inherent masters of darker magic. Fathers of the occult in life, in death, they are the grand, robed archmages of Belial's hellish legions. Whilst they span few, their powers are great; ranging from the manipulation of chaos magic up to crafting sigils from blood - dwelling into Mammon's territory - and manipulating the cruel powers of death and pestilence itself.

It is not unlike a Lich to summon great clouds of illness which can strike a man down in a matter of moments, or indeed cause his very flesh and bones to wither in a matter of moments similar to necrosis. Liches are few amidst the Undercroft, and guarded in Belial's armies by legions of capable physical combatants, but when they strike out at a target of his choosing, they strike hard. Bearing the appearance of a robed skeletal figure of regal attire, often armed and given a metal crown, Liches appear to thrive on the energies of death itself as an essence, something aplenty in Inferis.

Simply enough, one of the Lich's most commonly-discussed and harrowing abilities is that to reanimate corpses. This is slave to several limitations; obviously if a Lich is found in an area with no dead tissue, this ability is useless. Alongside this, the Lich can only reanimate the tissue of, obviously, organisms that leave behind a physical corpse. Creatures that dissolve on death will not be able to be controlled. Anything remotely alive will not be able to be used, the Lich can reanimate up three corpses at any one time, and after five minutes of reanimation, they will fizzle away into dust.

This is hence why the Lich is often used as a staple commandant of Belial's platoons; if Demons fall in battle, they can swiftly be reanimated to fight again on the short-term, meaning that every Demon appointed in a Lich squad can actually have two separate "lives". Alongside this, it's something the enemy is not typically expecting, making it a win-win situation.

Miscellaneous Notes: - Very occasionally, Liches occur naturally and on their own. In this case they reanimate the Undercroft's fauna.
- Typically, when not fighting, shacked or somehow magically bound to ensure they don't become a detriment to the Undercroft proper, sweeping it with plagues.
- Can be spurred into battle easily.
- Adore and seem to psychologically and physiologically thrive on the essence of death in its proximity.

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"Wipe the blood from your halo."

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