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#087 - Manticore

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#087 - Manticore Empty #087 - Manticore

Post by Lazarus Carter on Sun May 19, 2013 12:57 am


Name: Manticore
Aliases: Growler, Sir Snapsalot, Root Hunters, Hulk Howlgan, Roid Rodent, Macho Mane Randy Savage

Sphere: Darkroot Domain though some are taken elsewhere to fight for sport
Tier: Regular

#087 - Manticore 14348xv

Abilities: A stampede of Manticores is a frightful sight. These quadrupedal Demons are canine in origin, though with elongated snouts and widened jaws, row upon row of teeth. To set them apart from most normal canine-type Demons, their fur is a vicious and striking red, not to mention that it's usually tainted further with the mud of the Domain or the blood of their various prey. And herein lies the Manticore's greatest quality. It's vicious to T.

Whilst possessing no inherent magical abilities and no sentience or ability to speak in languages aside from growls - thus its nickname, its innate tracking skills are rivaled by few Demons. Manticores are dexterous and agile, clambering trees and leaping through the undergrowth and canopies of a patch of the Domain, stalking an enemy silently.

However, when the time comes and its kin are surrounding it, a group of Manticores will drop from tremendous heights onto their unsuspecting prey, and, if lucky, pin it down immediately. If not so, the prey will run, and the Manticores will immediately begin chasing it, and with their formidable speed, and excellent on-the-ground acceleration rate, they will usually catch it. The muscles in their jaw are powerful enough to crush concrete with a single bite, giving them the essence of an alligator from Earth mixed with the deadly tracking nature of some of the real world's larger canines.

Considering that most Manticores learn through errors the ways of the jungle, their skeletal structure is highly reinforced, and it is not recommended to use concussive techniques against them; all but the strongest blunt forces will be shrugged off with ease. However, it's actually advised that you try to tackle a Manticore from afar considering its usual nature to stick in a pack of three or more, and the fact that both its teeth and talons - on both its powerful hind and forelegs - are deadly and wicked sharp.

Just make sure that when tracking or prowling after a Manticore, the hunter does not all too quickly become the hunted...

Miscellaneous Notes: - Primarily thrive on a diet of Locust Spawn and Rootsnakes.
- Almost exclusively hunts in three.
- Tracks near silently.
- Manticore on Manticore fights are vicious, and said to grace the great coliseums and arenas of the Undercroft when shipped out.
- Whilst not sentient, they are pseudo-intelligent, and will often do things like roll in mud (a la Predator) to mask their body heat and presence for the more perceptive hunters. On their own they are far easier to kill than when in a pack.

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