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#086 - Giggling Tulip

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#086 - Giggling Tulip Empty #086 - Giggling Tulip

Post by Lazarus Carter on Sun May 19, 2013 12:27 am


Name: Giggling Tulip
Aliases: Anus Prepared, Razor-Tooth Asshole, Rafflesian

Sphere: Darkroot Domain
Tier: Regular

#086 - Giggling Tulip W8n6kw

Abilities: The Giggling Tulip is really a horrific sight. A blight of the Darkroot Domain, it stands about the size of a large dog, for instance, a German Shepard or Great Dane, and indeed appears mammalian on its hind legs, complete with matted fur and all - until you get about halfway along its body horizontally. Then, a strange amalgamation of living, animal flesh and pseudo-intelligent plant tissue.

A great orange circular bulge serves as the Tulip's "head", and whilst it seems to have no facial features whatsoever, at the centre of this blossom-like "head", the opening slightly convex, there is a circular pit lined with razor-sharp teeth, giving the front end of a Giggling Tulip a similar appearance to, unfortunately, a spiky asshole. This does not stop it from being harrowing however.

Its front "legs" are actually reinforced plant stems, complete with leaves and stamens at the end, and its tail hangs over the top of its "head". This tail-head is complete with a glowing luminescence which the Tulip uses to guide its way, and actually, it is thought, to sense its path. Though it does not possess eyes in this part of its body, it is thought that it emits a subsonic high-frequency pitch from it, which most Demons and humans cannot hear, and uses it to echolocate, similarly to bats.

The Giggling Tulip is, as most common, lesser Demons, insentient; but it does not hunt in packs, and has actually shown to be somewhat content in its ways, but bears the relative intelligent of a wolf, being able to track fervently. When it finds prey, it leaps upon them and gorges on them whole.

Miscellaneous Notes: - Its front two legs photosynthesise in order to keep the Tulip alive, and, thus, for around three or four hours every day, Tulips find a clearing in the Domain, point their stamen legs to the sky, and use the leaves upon them to absorb light. Failure to do this for an extended period of time results in severe weakness, and, after a week or so, death.
- Whilst usually never working together, Tulips do often congregate in clearings together to photosynthesise, and almost never fight against one of their own kind. Against larger Demons, they tend to be docile, though rabid or exceptionally stupid Tulips (usually after going a few days without photosynthesis) will do so.
- Its namesake comes from the natural sound it makes whilst running, which sounds similar to a very deep chuckle, mixed with a dog-like panting.
- During spring and summer its front two legs flower, as seen above, whereas in autumn and winter, they will close up (leaves still extended) into a bud, to reflect the plants of Earth.

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