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#083 - Giant Ground Sloth

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#083 - Giant Ground Sloth Empty #083 - Giant Ground Sloth

Post by Diogenes the Cynic on Sat May 18, 2013 10:26 am


Name: Giant Ground Sloth
Aliases: Gigantic Sloth, Prehistoric Sloth, Two-Ton Sloth, Feaster, Gorger, Sleeper, Sid

Sphere: Entropic Chasm
Tier: Regular (though it's really, really big)

#083 - Giant Ground Sloth 20090421130214-megatherium

Often many ancient, prehistoric creatures make the strange cross between Earth and Inferis. A large portion made the jump when Moloch made his rampage on Earth, creating the first Ice Age and sparking a climate change that caused life as we know it to go extinct. But a few of the great survivors managed to pass through and make the accomplished journey into Inferis, and from then on became its trapped denizens.

Meet the Giant Ground Sloth, former denizen of the Americas during the pre-Ice Age period. In its time on Earth it was a successful life form, living off of the land with its protective giant claws and its nasty disposition and temper. It had to make its way through the world through the use of brute force, and always had to fight to get what it wanted. But in Inferis, specifically in the Entropic Chasm where a dead calm washes over the land, it can do the one thing no real creature in nature besides humans can ever accomplish; relax.

Giant Ground Sloths have since become the very thing that their name embodies. While, unlike their fellow slug-like beasts in the Chasm, they do not bear the slime and grime of a creature living out its whole life in perpetual motionlessness, it hardly does anything period. It barely needs to eat, spends most of its time sleeping, and only moves around when it feels like it wants to move around. When it does eat it only munches on a couple of leaves before calling it good, and then returns to its slumber. It has taken on a form of lifestyle similar to its modern cousins, and it's perfectly adapted itself to it.

But then there's the few times that it gets disturbed. When that happens the temper of its ancestors stirs within its body, and it attacks with such forced violence that it can pummel rock into dust. There's hardly anything left when it's done, and upon finishing it suddenly goes into a feeding frenzy; feasting on the remains. This is to help rebuild the energy reserves that it had lost upon attacking and killing.

Abilities: Giant Ground Sloths are physically strong and heavily armored. Though they are still just animals and have the demonic mindset of an animal, they do bear some very difficult traits that one must get around. They have sharp, blunt jaws and powerful forlimbs ending in deadly claws that curve inward. As a demonic ability, they can secrete a slimy secretion from within their fur coat that sloughs off and sticks fur and dirt to attackers, slowing them down. This can help them get away when a fight goes sour.

Miscellaneous Notes: - It's rumored that Belphagor took one as a pet and named him Sid
- Unlike modern sloths, these sloths are considered omnivorous
- Their armor is like bony chain mail, making most attacks pointless
- Their armor isn't bulletproof though, so...kind of sucks in that regard
- They like long walks in the woods and enjoy being fed berries and grapes
- Turns out that Sloths used to be badass...
- God killed the Giant Ground Sloth, lest it overrun all of humanity

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