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#082 - Lumios

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#082 - Lumios Empty #082 - Lumios

Post by Lazarus Carter on Sat May 18, 2013 10:16 am


Name: Lumios
Aliases: Symbiotic Lizard, The Twins, Glowtail, Cutest Thing This Side Of Earth

Sphere: Darkroot Domain. Sometimes kept as an exotic pet.
Tier: Regular

#082 - Lumios 66b6zs

Abilities: The Lumios is a cute little bastard and that's about the only thing of any use in most contexts. About the size of a cat, its a scaled reptilian with wings that it can only use to travel distances of, at best, one hundred metres, before it must land, and anything over fifty metres tires it out extremely.

Scaled and presumably amphibious, its bioluminescence is one of its apparent qualities, with the ability to generate light from any part of its body and exude it at will at varying intensities, though always of a white colour, through its scales. The biological reasons and origins for this are unknown, and no-one really wants to cut one of these things open because they're so valuable and hard to actually catch. The Lumios chitters - from its mouth - in a low, slow, purring-like sound.

Herein lies the Lumios' second poignant quality. It only has one eye on its FRONT end, with a mouth, and what is arguably its head; however, its tail is elongated, and near the end, actually possesses reversible legs of its own, in a joint which allows them three hundred and sixty degrees of rotation. The second, smaller eye, lies on the end of its tail, without a mouth. Similarly to the upper mouth, it also chitters, but much faster and a much higher pitch.

The two "heads" of the Lumios are actually separate beings and entities altogether, though inexplicably linked. This is why they are known as the "Symbiotic Lizards", as it is apparent that one head relies upon the other; remove the lower, lesser head, and the upper will become feral and whatever semblance of intelligence it has will vanish, and it will start headbutting things out of suicidal intent until it kills itself, and remove the upper head, and the lower is completely unable to heft its own weight with just two legs, and will starve sooner or later. The pair of them are born simultaneously from eggs, and coexist harmoniously for as long as they live.

The upper head eats only small, negligible insects, with a long, elastic-like tongue which it can spring out at will, but anything bigger than that it will quickly shy away from. Whilst not intelligent, it is very tame, and shies away from most combat, instead wrapping itself around trees to create a light show for the natives of the Darkroot Domain, quite mellow in itself. Most of them seem not to be bothered about being taken into care by higher-up Demons or even humans, bearing no preference, being quite amiable about this.

Miscellaneous Notes: - The bioluminescent blood of the Lumios, when imbibed, is a potent and Demonic hallucinogen.
- If the tail-end is held up and squeezed gently, it can be adeptly used as a reading lamp.
- Can secrete from both feet a viscous liquid which is around as sticky as superglue and acts twenty times faster, but can be broken with relative ease. Essentially: the Lumios can stick to more or less any surface with aplomb.

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"Wipe the blood from your halo."

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