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#080 - Plague Fly

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#080 - Plague Fly Empty #080 - Plague Fly

Post by Diogenes the Cynic on Sat May 18, 2013 9:02 am


Name: Plague Fly
Aliases: Plague Bug, Plague Drone, Slothful Wings, Blood Hunter, Big-Ass 'Skeeter, OMG WTF IS THAT?!?

Sphere: Migratory (Entropic Chasm, Blightscape, Darkroot Domain and back)
Tier: Regular (in mass swarms)

#080 - Plague Fly 4806886815_5ac74e8ffa_z

Giant flying mosquitoes...this just about sums up the Plague Fly. Unlike other demons, who specifically live in one of the many regions of Inferis or wander throughout all of them, Plague Flies have a specific set pattern in which they travel, heading from region to region based upon the time of year. No one really knows why they are migratory, though the results are pretty clear when one day you are enjoying a bit of quality down-time in Inferis and the next the sky is covered in a dense cloud of buzzing swarms.

Their dark, demonic lives begin within the Entropic Chasm, where most of their kind frequent. Hatching from eggs laid in the slime and filth of the other demons lurking within the Chasm, they suddenly hatch upon the Spring season, hatching into little maggots that blend in perfectly with the average wildlife of the Chasm. As they grow larger by feeding upon the filth and suckling upon the flesh of other demons, they metamorphose and hatch into their winged forms, becoming large Mosquitoes. At first only as big as a songbird, they grow rapidly as they migrate, transforming from a really big bug into something about the size of a condor or a pterosaur!

They specifically migrate from place to place finding food, though it's in the Blightscape that they rightfully earn the name Plague Fly. Sucking upon the diseased blood of other demons, often swarming on them in great numbers, they become carriers of the deadly diseases throughout the Blightscape, and use those transferred diseases to poison and cripple prey to suck them dry of blood and fluids...and, of course, soul energy.

When they are done, they return to the Entropic Chasm where their lives began, roughly about when Fall occurs on Earth. They then use the absorbed soul energy to lay plenty of eggs for the next generation, and then afterwards die on the spot; their short lives finished. Thankfully they're also a prime food source for many of the Darkroot Domain's creatures, who flock to the skies and feast upon their infused bodies for their Soul Energy. Oddly enough, these predators become immune to the diseases of the Blightscape through feeding on the Plague Flies rather than become sick and die. It is unknown how they accomplish this.

Abilities: Plague Flies are small and relatively squishy, just like their Mosquito relatives on Earth. While much bigger than their counterparts, they are still easy to kill, but their greatest advantage is that they are never alone; always attacking in swarms. Plague Flies latch onto their victims with their sharp claws, digging into skin and flesh, and then bury their pointed proboscis into the flesh and proceed to transfer fluids; sucking out blood and replacing it with a biochemical designed to transmit a disease directly into the bloodstream. Depending on their stage of development, this can range from a mild stomach flu to AIDS, Bronchitis, Legit Influenza, and other powerful and deadly diseases.

Miscellaneous Notes: - The first human to ever witness a Plague Fly called it "OH MY GOD WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT THING?!" and the nickname stuck
- If you thought Mosquitoes were bad where you're from...
- Plague Flies are still small fry compared to Sand Fleas
- It's rumored that each of its migratory regions bears a permanent sub-species denizen that lives there year-round, though they don't grow much bigger than the size of a Blue Jay

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