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#078 - Bile Worm

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#078 - Bile Worm

Post by Diogenes the Cynic on Sat May 18, 2013 6:41 am


Name: Bile Worm
Aliases: Slime Hound, Slime Slug, Bile Snail, Gastropod of Sloth, Entropic Beast, Salt Magnet

Sphere: Entropic Chasm
Tier: Elite


Many of the creatures in the Entropic Chasm are slow, slothful, and naturally disgusting to look at. Among these at the very top of the list includes the Bile Worm, a massive, bloated, corpse-like worm that is covered in spines and bears a large mouth and a long tongue. Bile Worms, like many of the beasts in the Entropic Chasm, are mindless wanderers who only feed when they come across prey. As such, they are often slow moving unless necessary, attacking without warning and ensuring that their food cannot escape.

Bile Worms can grow to large sizes, but most commonly they are about the size of a large truck. They are more than capable of swallowing a man whole, and often do so; they enjoy eating their food while it's still alive and wriggling, because it's quite frankly too much of a hassle forming weapons used specifically to kill prey (have you seen how much trouble Sabertooth Cats went to perfect killing? My lord, such a waste of time...).

Abilities: Bile Worms often attack using their spiny bodies and tail, as they don't bear limbs or a strong bite to use to kill prey. Often they rely on a sticky fluid they launch from nodules on their head that can snare and hold prey fast; almost nothing can escape when ensnared, though of course they only use this ability rarely or when they are sure they can swallow their prey given that it's an expensive chemical and they need to recharge it with food...a whole human being a nice example. They also swallow their prey whole and have a very long digestive system, which means a grown man can be trapped inside for days before dying of acid exposure. Often live victims find themselves intermingled with the corpses of earlier victims.

Very often Bile Worms will stop and feed on a prey item in the midst of a battle. Given that they are covered in armor and spines, and like almost all beasts in the Entropic Chasm they can resist a load of pain, comrades are often forced to watch as it swallows a victim whole before going right back into the fight. At this point, the knowledge that victims are swallowed whole and are still alive gives it an extra advantage; foolish humans wouldn't dare kill someone they care about to go for the killing blow to the throat or stomach, not while it holds them hostage in its gullet.

Miscellaneous Notes: - They can fit up to five people in their stomach at one can get pretty cramped in there
- Are covered in sticky fluid, letting them climb walls
- They're silent little buggers; ambush is their most infamous tactic
- Apparently they have one particular weakness; salt, hence their nickname 'salt magnets.'
- Inspired by Slime Hounds from Age of Reckoning
- nomnomnomnomnom


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