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#058 - The Black Cabal

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#058 - The Black Cabal

Post by Diogenes the Cynic on Thu May 09, 2013 7:48 pm


Name: The Black Cabal
Aliases: The Incubi Cabal, the Warriors Black, the Blood Flayers, They Who Do Not Know Fear, Dragon Slayers, Consorts of Mammon (debated), Concubines of Mammon (just as debated, though more likely), the Sword Bearers

Sphere: Regal Necropolis
Tier: Elite (found in squads of 5)


It is well known that the many demons of Inferis occasionally vie for power and try to fight against their demonic masters in an attempt to stage a coup and a hostile takeover. Though almost all are guaranteed to fail, almost all of them end up becoming slain. There is one group, however, that didn't. Instead of fighting to the bitter end, they lay down their swords in defeat and swore allegiance from then on to the dark Archdemon they dared try to overtake. She decided to accept, turning them into monsters desiring nothing but blood. They became the Black Cabal, with each individual Cabalite born and bred to service the great Mammon.

Debated to being among the greatest of swordsmen, the Black Cabal strike without warning, performing any and every mission tasked to them by their beloved queen of blood. The Black Cabal serve her with unerring faith and do so with all the crazed righteousness of religious warriors. Some have boasted that they have earned the ultimate prize any demon of Mammon's servitude could offer due to their successes; being one of her bedfellows for a night. Most think said boasts are all but impossible, as for one almost all demons boast great slanders and lies to make themselves seem higher than they truly are, and for another those that do bed Mammon often never leave her bedchambers alive. While both accounts may be true, those who do boast it are oddly enough not the victims of Mammon's venomous torture and revenge. Rather, those that do boast find themselves challenged by the sword of another Cabalite, often of a seperate clan, due to closly guarded jealousy amidst the Black Cabal's servants. The winner often gains strength and prestige, while the loser is slain, never to stand up against another of his own again.

Abilities: The Black Cabal work as a cohesive unit, striking in groups of five with unerring speed and strength. Their specialty is in melee combat using two-handed glaives, and they do so with striking accuracy. Most of their armor is strong enough to withstand meager blows, and their own swords can cut easily through thick steel plating. They also, on occasion, have the help of Hellhounds or other demons who seek to gain prestige with Mammon by aiding some of her greater warriors.

Miscellaneous Notes: - The Black Cabal are inspired by Dark Eldar Incubi
- The Black Cabal are rare elite demons, so they most definitely won't see much action unless you aren't careful
- They are nicknamed Incubi due to their strange desire to mate with their master, one of the driving motives behind their unending loyalty to her. Though it's obvious this might never happen, for the few that do claim to have done so there are great rewards in the form of respect and awe amidst comrades. This usually sparks infighting with those jealous enough to kill those that got the favor first
- The Black Cabal and Blood Swords are hated rivals and enemies


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