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#056 - Fallen Cultist of Mammon

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#056 - Fallen Cultist of Mammon Empty #056 - Fallen Cultist of Mammon

Post by Diogenes the Cynic on Thu May 09, 2013 7:19 pm


Name: Fallen Cultist of Mammon
Aliases: Fallen Ones, the Bloody Handed, Slaves of Mammon, Blood Drinkers, the Vitae, Ghouls, Upper-Class British Citizenry

Sphere: Regal Necropolis
Tier: Regular

#056 - Fallen Cultist of Mammon Blood-cultist

There are always those who have served demons. Whether out of a crazed obsession born from guilt or grief, something they were told was destiny since their birth, or just something that felt like a good idea at the time, cultists have worshipped the dark powers. Even during the dark time of the Ape Men did they serve and worship the dark powers, though the most 'refined' and outstanding among them are the Cultists of Mammon, her slaves and servants under her divine will. These Fallen Cultists of Mammon are often found amidst the rest of the demons of the Regal Necropolis, though they are by far among the most common who are at all considered 'sentient' beings.

Fallen Cultists range from any citizenry and any social class, though the ones of the Regal Necropolis emulate the upper class of the citizenry of the Regal Necropolis's real-world counterpart, London. It isn't out of a particular desire to emulate a dark debauched version of the London people, it simply felt like the best choice at the time. Fallen Cultists of Mammon are essentially those souls lucky (or unlucky) enough to find just enough favor in their dark goddess to earn their souls' retained sentience in the dark afterlife, though now instead of pickpockets, street urchins, gang wars and the like of Earth they now have to deal with the dark monsters of Inferis. Sure, they can do whatever they want, but now they have to do it and still remain alive...if that's at all possible.

Abilities: Fallen Cultists are essentially the demon counterparts of average human citizenry. As such, they retain all the strengths and weaknesses of average humans with a couple of exceptions. Fallen Cultists each gain a special power based upon the Hell Prince they serve, and while their master or mistress does not necessarily find favor in these already lost souls they do occasionally grant them some out of amusement. Blood Cultists of Mammon attack with frenzied fury due to blood lust, and often are found drinking the blood of the vanquished which rejuvenates them and restores their life blood. Cultists of Mammon attack with bloody knives and occasionally a ranged weapon, such as the British Longbow.

Miscellaneous Notes: - Cultists are essentially the weakest of demons but are also the most common
- There is a cultist for every Hell Prince
- Mammon's Cultists often find themselves fated as food for her Hellhounds or her deadly tails
- The few that gain favor with her serve as her lower staff in her Sanguine Palace
- Almost all Blood Cultists speak British English, going so far as to mimic their gentlemanly accents "I say, toodle pip, have you got some blood to spill for me old chappie? Wot?

#056 - Fallen Cultist of Mammon Arrow1m #056 - Fallen Cultist of Mammon Pentacle1 #056 - Fallen Cultist of Mammon Arrow2a


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