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#054 - Blood Crow

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#054 - Blood Crow Empty #054 - Blood Crow

Post by Diogenes the Cynic on Thu May 09, 2013 6:02 pm


Name: Blood Crow
Aliases: Blood Raven, Sanguine Raven, Corvidae Sanguinus, Nevermore Bird, Winged Massacre, Lord of the Murder

Sphere: Regal Necropolis (can be seen circling above the boundaries)
Tier: Regular

#054 - Blood Crow Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSLF11-tRTVeHHevLF-T2uU5_m464z1TteYdywxVJtSt9LpCU0M_A
#054 - Blood Crow Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSisru1reU1_e1H3A7hyvfzaS03hZ5Ar6W_SADONTpFrTIUJKTHOQ

Flying high above the Regal Necropolis, flecking bits of blood in red showers across the land, are the Blood Crows. Powerful birds, each the size of an eagle, hawk or European Buzzard, the mighty Blood Crows circle high above the dark clouds of the Necropolis. Any and every corpse throughout the Necropolis is a delicious treat for these creatures, who devour the soft bits of flesh and drink the blood like vampire bats. Smart birds are these, like the crows of the real world that they take after, and often they mimic others in an attempt to spite and humiliate them, shouting repeated phrases alongside cackling, bird-like laughter. They are just as sadistic as their Earthly neighbors, for they are the Lords of the Murder, first of any corvidae murder, hunting in the darkness of the night and striking without warning. It is often that one can see a Blood Crow appear like a raven while its brother appears like a magpie, its sister a jackdaw and its cousin a jay.

Abilities: Blood Crows are almost always found in groups. They are flying birds, about the size of a bird of prey, and attack with all the maliciousness of their winged brethren of the real world...though the difference being that these ones are far more aggressive and less likely to focus upon preserving their own lives rather than accomplishing their sadistic goals. They are also possessed by a bestial cunning and can solve rudimentary problems, though they are still considered to have only ape-like intelligence at best. The exception of course is with Lord Nevermore, their leader, featured in the trivia below..

Miscellaneous Notes: - Blood Crows are called Blood Crows by name only, and often appear as large, demonic, black and very hawk-like versions of all of the Corvid family of birds
- The Blood Crows are the primary mascot of the Soldiers of the Damned, a separate kind of demon that serve both the Great Undercroft and the Regal Necropolis
- Blood Crows are insentient, though they contain cunning that matches or is greater than their earthly counterparts
- Lord Nevermore is the first and leader of the Blood Crows, said to be the very first Corvid to hatch from the egg. There is none like him and likely there never will be, for he is the unique primordial ancestor to all crows. It is said that the great Crow-Man race worships him as a god, the first of many, and indeed he accepts himself as a deity among his kind. He is one of the many pets of Lady Mammon, the Blood Goddess, and occasionally whispers sweet and dark nothings in her ear. Unlike his 'subjects,' he is sentient (considered a rare elite, and a 'tribute' from me to Mammon. Enjoy, my dear. ^^)
- Blood Crows copy speech and often taunt others with their sadistic cackling and copy-catting
- The only way to dispel a Blood Crow Murder from attacking you is to start reciting Edgar Allen Poe's works from memory, especially the Raven. They love hearing the Raven.

#054 - Blood Crow Arrow1m #054 - Blood Crow Pentacle1 #054 - Blood Crow Arrow2a


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