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#149 - Type Gamma/ Mark III

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#149 - Type Gamma/ Mark III

Post by Devotion on Wed Sep 25, 2013 3:37 am


Name: Type Gamma/ Mark III
Aliases: Overseer, Subject 00000034556, The smelly dude, Dead man walking, Head of R&D lab-security, Earl.

Sphere: Regal Necropolis/Dr. Schlossers R&D-Labs
Tier: Elite (Unique)



The Mark III was Schlossers first actual success in creating a body-support suit, that was merged with the users own body, allowing full sensory control of all processes. The thing was, bit by bit the Mark III took over the organic bodies functions, keeping the brain alive by itself. As a result the other organs kept degrading, as well as the physical body caged inside the gigantic metal-body. So without noticing it the first test-person of the Mark III became incapable of living outside of the shell, becoming so paranoid that he refused to even let them remove his decaying corpse from the android-shell. Generally speaking the Mark III is the most powerful cyborg, Dr. Schlosser has ever made as it is capable of lifting ten times of what a normal human could accomplish, effectively ending in about 3 tons weight-lifting capacity.

Its compression and release powered, high-impact joints also allow for extreme acceleration, enabling it to move on par with the later and more versatile Mark V model under influence of its augment. However if that weren´t enough the Mark III towers almost 10 feet above the ground and possesses an armored shell that can easily compare in durability to a heavy tank, except for the fact that it is made from a far lighter and more corrosion resistant material. The Mark III also possesses a targeting system, which allows it to aim its main firearm with deadly precision.

It´s weaponry consists of an high-impact shotgun integrated in its right forearm, which fires projectiles made from blessed silver, that are being heat up to about 1000°Celsius before being loaded into thin steel-shells and shot at the target, where the steel-shells then rip open and release the molten extremely hot, blessed silver.

As a mid and close-range combat weapon, the Mark III utilizes a chain, with four counter-weights full of hooks on one side, and a gigantic, curved blade on the other side. Said blade consists of a titanium-steel shell, but has a tungsten edge. Using energy cells within the blade, said edge heats up to about 2300°C, enabling the blade to cut through next to anything it hits with ease. In addition to that, the blade is coated in blessed silver-to allow for proper use against demonic entities.

Its primary long-range weapon however is a high-power mass-accelerator, taking shape in a gigantic gun that can emerge from the Mark III´s shoulder. It fires a special tungsten projectile with a 20mm caliber at extremely high velocities, enabling it to deliver six kilotons of impact-force upon making contact with a target. Naturally, a direct hit turns most targets in a bundle of torn apart tissue.

However due to it possessing a human brain, the Mark III is capable of using two augments. One of them allows it to accumulate energy from its surroundings, in order to amplify the power of its gun, as well as its own physical output five-fold, the other allows it to repair itself, as long as there´s energy available, which equals advanced regeneration within the R&B complex.

Miscellaneous Notes:

It is incapable of leaving the R&D labs due to its extremely heavy energy requirements. Were it to leave the labs the body would be incapable of keeping the brain alive within a mere two minutes. It is also why the Mark III never went into manufactory production.

It stinks… like a lot! This derives entirely from the human corpse rotting happily inside of it. Can be quite appalling to some, but seems to calm down the Owlbears and other Chimaera. Mark III himself doesn´t have a sense of smell so he doesn´t give a shit.

His brains name is Earl. Not like anybody ever called him such before, just for the record. Earl Hillbilly… poor guy can finally compensate for his shit name with giant artificial muscles.

It guards the R&D labs and is non-hostile to templars. It is however hostile to demons, ritualists, civilians and to some degree even to Demon Hunters.



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