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#145 - Distilled Sin

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#145 - Distilled Sin

Post by Lucifuge on Wed Sep 04, 2013 10:22 am

Distilled Sin

Name: Distilled Sin
Aliases: Gibbering Orb, Flesh-Beasts, The Ur-Demons

Sphere: Wandering - Oddly prevalent in southern end of Stygia
Tier: Elite

Abilities: These creatures appear to be little more than gigantic balls of writhing flesh, covered in a swarm of limbs, eyes, and mouths. Weighing between many hundreds to many thousands of pounds with diameters that can be measured in meters, these beings nonetheless float upon the air as though they were weightless. They seem to generally be content to float in place for years at a time, gibbering and drooling and screaming noises foul enough to drive just about anything mad, however when something gains their attention, these creatures can be relentless in their pursuit. While relatively slow, they know no sleep and require no sustenance, meaning that they will continue at their meandering pace for as long as they need to in order to catch up with their prey. This seems to denote some sort of intelligence, but these beings are little more than instinct and no one seems to really understand why they choose to target one being or another.

While their most obvious strength lays in their sheer mass and physical power from its many lashing limbs and biting maws, a greater danger lies within their mere presence. Anyone within earshot of these gibbering orbs are able to hear them calling out, moaning, and ranting in an unintelligible mass of monsterous tongues. While grating and maddening on its own, there lies a subtle and disturbed harmony in the depths of that gibbering cacophany, a psionically infused subliminal messages that affect humans, demons, and angels alike. These maddened ravings can slowly corrupt the mind and soul of victims, causing demons to loose themselves is bouts of mindless violence or hedonism, driving humans into extreme levels of schizoid madness, and even capable of breaching the spiritual defenses of lesser angels and tempting them away from God.

When their prey is at their weakess, either due to madness or damage, they will descend to integrate the flesh of their victim into their form. While for the least of creatures this means a quick death then a rebirth into madness as a part of the Orb's horrible mind, greater creatures can take many minutes or even days to fully be absorbed. During that time the Orb continually gnaws, flails, and sucks in upon the creature, attacking its body and mind; however beings of powerful wills and great personal power could theoretically rip itself from the thing's hateful flesh.

If killed, the Orb will usually end in one of three ways. If killed by a human, the Orb will fall to the ground like a bloody meteor and disolve into a pool of vicious ichor, a super-concentrated liquid soulenergy infused with sin. If killed by a demon, the Orb will implode, crunching itself down into a miniscule black and deformed crystal which is a even more concentrated form of sinful soulenergy. If killed by an angel, all of the orb's sins will be purged and cause it to calcify, creating a huge orb of floating stone.

Miscellaneous Notes:
- Unbeknown to most these creatures are in fact an accidental by-product of one demon's attempt to purge himself of his sins, Lucifuge. As Lucifuge preforms his daily cleansing rituals in the River of Tears in Stygia, the sins actually wash down stream where they collect, clump together with the misery and drowned corpses, and form into floating balls of hate, torment, and insanity made flesh.
-While some demons claim to be incarnated sins they are most often made of the base of a human soul or a fallen angel. These things actually are sin incarnate.


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