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Walker, Jebediah

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Walker, Jebediah Empty Walker, Jebediah

Post by Jebediah Walker on Tue Aug 27, 2013 4:33 pm


Walker, Jebediah Wwkms6 Walker, Jebediah Wwkms6Walker, Jebediah Wwkms6
”Enter a quote/lyric here.”


Jebediah Walker.




Cuna, Nebraska

August 25, 1967.

Walker, Jebediah Saint_of_Killers



When one thinks of a farmer they think of a middle aged well built specimen of a human being. Jebediah on the other hand looks like a grizzled old man with skin resembling hardened leather and whose frame is similar to that of a scarecrow, standing close to 6'5'' and weighing 145 lb. His deceptively slim frame belies the fact that his muscles have been hardened by decades of rigorous farm work making him much stronger than would appear at first glance. Atop his head is a long greasy mane of matted hair the color of bleached bone. Embedded in a face that looks like it was hewed from old driftwood, are eyes as green as pond scum and as piercing as ice-picks. His mouth is set in a perpetual frown and is filled with teeth stained from years of coffee and tobacco. His posture is always slightly hunched and he walks with the slow steps of an old man but his long gait makes up for it. When he talks in his raspy baritone it brings to mind the rustling of dead leaves being blown about in the wind.

Jebediah is not a very social person. Spending a majority of his childhood alone with his father, Jebediah didn't get much chance to interact with many people and preferred to keep conversations with his father to a bare minimum. As an adult Jebediah is very blunt and to the point, caring very little for the emotions of others. Quick to anger in his youth, often getting into fights with local punks usually to vent what he couldn't do to his father for various trivial reasons. This hasn't changed much as he grew older, but with the new addition of Freakshow, any reference to his looks often leads to him beating the offender within an inch of his life and sometimes beyond. He prefers solitude and is a very private person. Women very rarely get more than a cursory glance from him, especially when there's work to do, but he has been known to occasionally indulge. The only people he is willing to stay in any prolonged contact with are either dead or living in his head. During his assignments for E.D.E.N. he sometimes finds that people almost seem to have a suicidal tendency of trying to get in his way. This annoys to no end, because all this accomplishes is to make more work for him. Even though he will work tirelessly until his work is finished, anything that adds to his workload just pisses him off. During some of these missions he is sometimes work with other. During these times he does his best to limit his interactions with them unless necessity says otherwise. The only people he doesn't mind sharing a space with are the ones that are already dead, or are currently living in his head.

The demon known as Freakshow was not a very happy person in life.  Spending most of his young life, and the entirety his adult life behind a cage while people paid to see him and toss food at him, his feelings towards humanity as a whole were less than stellar. The only entertainment he had was imagining all the horrific things he would do to them if they ever let him out without restraints. The only thing that changed when he became a demon was that he was able to actually try these things out. Since becoming a resident of Jebediah he is generally always in a good mood, often urging Jebediah to stop tending to the crops and go have some fun. When Jebediah's on the job, Freakshow will often try and persuade him to kill his targets in more creative ways, often making elaborate plans that make things things more complicated than they need to be. When he doesn't get his way he will often throw a tantrum inside Jebediah's mind, often resulting in a massive headache, so as long as whatever the demon wants isn't too asinine Jebediah will usually go along with it. Jebediah's infrequent rendezvous with women of ill repute are often due to pestering by Freakshow. Considering he died alone and a virgin his lust for the opposite sex is truly something to behold. Coupled with his homicidal tendencies and, if he wasn't held back by needing a host, the majority of his time on Earth would be spent raping and killing. Usually at the same time and not necessarily in that order.  

Jebediah was born and raised on the farm and, if he had anything to say about it, he'd die on it. Jebediah's father had bought the farm along with his beautiful wife shortly after having Jebediah. Unfortunately, when he was ten Jebediah's mother was killed in an unfortunate mulching accident that scattered most of her body over the corn field. Heart broken by this tragedy, jebediah's father became almost fanatically devoted to taking care of the farm, which he believed to contain what little was left of his beloved wife. Things became harder for young jebediah after this. He was pulled out of school and was forced to turn all of his attention to taking care of the farm. He was worked from dawn till dusk and any perceived laziness meant a severe beating and no food at the end of the day. His devotion to the farm grew along with a growing hatred for his father which was constantly kept in check by the even larger amount of fear he held for the old man. This went on for over 30 years. Things finally changed for Jebediah when the yield from the crops began to dwindle to the point where he and his father were in danger of losing the farm to the bank. As the possibility of losing his home became more and more imminent Jebediah began to suffer from nightmares. A crazed voice would speak to him, saying the only way to save the farm would be to kill his father and use his body to fertilize the crops as his mother had done so many years before. Eventually his desperation overcame his fear. Late one night he made his way into his father's room and beat him to death with a shovel and then threw his remains into the wood chipper. Once he had finished spreading his father across the field, he noticed a tingling sensation between his eyes. The tingling grew until it became a splitting pain that brought him to his knees. Once the pain had passed he discovered he was no longer alone in his head. The intruder identified itself as a demon by the name of Freakshow, and as the one who promised to save the farm in return for killing the old man. He went on to tell Jebediah that his father would only sustain the crops for few months. To keep the land from dying he would need to periodically take the life energy of someone and sacrifice it to the land. When Jebediah asked if this meant he would have to keep mulching bodies to spread over the fields the demon just laughed and told him no but it was a lot funner that way. Not doubting that the crops would eventually grow back, there wouldn't be enough time to sell it and pay back the bank. Sensing his new hosts anxiety Freakshow told him that if money was all he needed, he could introduce him to some people he'd met in Inferis who were part of a group called E.D.E.N. who might have some work for him.


- Horseback Riding: Has been riding from a young and has become very skilled.
- Redneck Mechanic: Can jury-rig just about anything with a little duck-tape and bailing twine.
- Tough As Leather: Has endured physical and mental hardships to the point where he has become desensitized to the pain.
- Wild West Aficionado: Is in the care and use of 1800's firearms.
- Farmer: Has been working the fields almost before he could walk and has become a master at his profession.
- Novice Hitman: While working for E.D.E.N. he has been contracted for a number of hits. At first a little hesitant he has come to see killing as less of a job and more of chore on par with taking out the trash. His lack of empathy and his brutal methods have made him an efficient killer.

- Circus Freak: While communing with his demon he becomes extremely acrobatic and able to contort his body in a myriad of grotesque and fantastic ways.
- Freakish Endurance: Can go through many hours of grueling labor without rest.
- Strongman: Gives him the strength of a man half his age.
- Quick On His Feet: While communing with his demon he gains the speed and agility of a young jackrabbit.  

- Antisocial: Would rather spend months on end alone on his farm than spending 3 minutes in the company of others. This means you.
- Digital Divide: The saying you can't teach an old dog new tricks has never been more apparent. He didn't have all this newfangled technology back in his day so what good is it?
- Say That Again: Communing with a demon that once a circus freak has made him extremely sensitive about his appearance. Disparaging remarks are often met with lethal force.
- Demonic Allergy: Has become supernaturally allergic to the metal bronze to the point where the mere touch of the alloy causes his skin to boil and blister.

Jebediah speaks fluent English and Demonic


- Any interesting facts about your character.
- Perhaps disorders they might have?
- Feats they possess?
- Any quirky habits or distinctions.



What you go by around these parts.


First time.

This will appear below your avatar, which should be a picture of your character. Note: this isn’t actually a rank, just a little title that works nicely.

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Jebediah Walker
Jebediah Walker

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Walker, Jebediah Empty Re: Walker, Jebediah

Post by Lazarus Carter on Sat Aug 31, 2013 12:29 am

Archive date is September 10th.


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Walker, Jebediah Empty Re: Walker, Jebediah

Post by Jebediah Walker on Wed Sep 11, 2013 4:25 pm

I've almost done with him so I was hoping I could get an extension so I could finish him.
Jebediah Walker
Jebediah Walker

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Walker, Jebediah Empty Re: Walker, Jebediah

Post by Alice the Chopper on Thu Sep 12, 2013 12:47 am

Extended to September 21st.


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Walker, Jebediah Empty Re: Walker, Jebediah

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