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#142 - Ashball

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#142 - Ashball Empty #142 - Ashball

Post by Lazarus Carter on Mon Aug 26, 2013 6:55 am


Name: Ashball
Aliases: Ash Heads, Fuckheads

Sphere: Forlorn Ashland
Tier: Regular. Barely.

#142 - Ashball 157m85

Abilities: The initial visage of the Ashball may frighten novice Hunters or those walking through Inferis with less experience than they'd like. It's small; roughly around the size of a soccer ball. Seemingly forged of ash with an inner flame that gives it a haunting and bright appearance, the Ashball takes on the vague likeness of a human skull.

Able to hover and control its body in a limited field of telekinesis, the Ashball can float around in rough directions with speeds of up to 20mph, but not usually exceeding 10. Its abilities, combat-wise, are limited; the Ashballs have awful defensive capabilities and can usually be struck down into a smog-like cloud of ash with a single stroke of a blade; and whilst they're able to launch very small torques of flame from their "mouths", and generate proximity heat, their only real ability is to slam into an adversary and detonate with roughly half of the force of a regular incendiary grenade. However, most Ashballs don't like to do this, as it... well, kills them.

Ashballs are the gutter rats of the Ashland. They're common; and the reason they're so well-known is because they can speak Demonic somewhat fluently - and English. A Demon, primarily, of conversation, its prime irritating function doesn't come from that but instead from its habitual tact for nattering on about anything. It seems it's unable to keep its mouth shut: and actively narrates - and questions - everything it sees. Infact, the leading cause of most Ashball deaths are not combat but infact people giving them a light thwack for being irritating and underestimating their ability to defend themselves. A few moments later, the thing's gone. Almost sad in a way, objectively. However, on the receiving end of this continual stream of irritating bullshit, you might not feel the same way. They have the memory and attention span of a goldfish with ADHD.

Miscellaneous Notes: - "What is that? Why are you doing that? How did you make that appear? Does it hurt? Is that a weapon? A sword? A gun? I've never seen a human with a weapon." - The first string of an Ashball's rapid conversation upon seeing a Demon Hunter simply conjure his Evocation. Which he then sheared the creature in two with.
- Ashball covens are hard to find: most out of some morbid curiosity tend to leave their groups, and they are hard to keep together, but large groups are easy to locate, due to all Ashballs more or less sounding the same. It's quite humorous to watch, especially from afar, as they all converse with one another - sometimes en masse - and simply question everything that occurs. Most just patrol the Ashland looking for anything to talk to. oR anything of really any note.

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"Wipe the blood from your halo."

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