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#141 - Plesiotitan

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#141 - Plesiotitan Empty #141 - Plesiotitan

Post by Lazarus Carter on Sun Aug 25, 2013 2:19 am


Name: Plesiotitan
Aliases: Marine Behemoth

Sphere: Black Sea
Tier: Elite

#141 - Plesiotitan 2ai37y9

Abilities: No-one knows how Plesiotitans truly come to exist; they are as few in number as the adult Seawyrms, and, when they do talk, those who they convey what little thoughts they can shape into comprehensible, telepathic, projected context are as few in number as they themselves. An undersea enigma, the Plesiotitans are as legendary and silently beautiful as they are fearful and strong. Some believe they're birthed from an ancient presence dwelling deep beneath the fathomable, understandable crust of the ocean bed, and some believe they start as tiny entities forged only of a few pebbles and collect more and more, and as they do, rise and begin to become more noticeable.

One thing's for sure, however; these beasts are as archaic as they are strong. Crafted from an amalgam of sources of undersea stone, they vary in size and shape, but without exception appear with the general image of a large shark or whale around them. They're bigger than most Earthly undersea submarines; some of the largest extend from anywhere to 200 to 500 feet, and the way their bodies are structured means that they can intelligently control each individual rung and scale of stone, which in turn means that the amount of ability they have to keep a handle on maneuverability is actually deceptive given their titanic appearance.

Their bodies are made of stone. And it is not simply any stone; it's a collection of all types that can be found beneath the ocean waves' murky depth. These stones are weathered for years by the pressure and the current; they're worn down, but they have proven to endure some of the hardiest natural infernal forces in the entire dimension. As this would lead one to conclude, it makes the Plesiotitan not only completely resilient to all but the strongest of concussive attacks, it also means that any damage dealt to their rocky bodies is simply treated as a chipping away at an armour that's metres thick. Break one of its many stone fins off and it will do nothing but agitate a creature of immense power.

Seemingly strung together by Soul Energy, each Plesiotitan has an imposing and triangular set of jaws containing sharp, tapered, rock teeth within, each about the length of an average human arm. Anything caught in its maw will be decimated and then swallowed without exception should it choose to bite; from there what happens to prey is an enigma, but it's presumed that most of Demonic origins are broken down into pure Soul Energy which the Plesiotitan consumes to further sustain its activities.

The true resilience of the Plesiotitan lies in that it cannot actually be destroyed unless both its "eyes", each roughly three metres in diameter (some bigger, some smaller) are destroyed. Whilst bases of all sensory stimulation, these actually double as centres of control and "brains" in a sense; they erect an energy-based orbit around, of which they can at will attract their particular rock particles towards as a sort of defense. (Of course, they must remain visible lest the Plesiotitan will be unable to navigate in the slightest.) Completely destroying them will cause the remnants of the Plesiotitan to completely disperse and fall down in a rather haunting manner. This does, however, affirm that it cannot feel pain in the attached rocks; and once shed they simply fall to the floor and show a sort of progress towards making the creature slightly less powerful.

Its strength and speed, however, is proportional to its size, which in turn relies on the amount of rocks the Plesiotitan attracts. Considering they are entities of relative intelligence, it's not uncommon for one of these creatures to (in the rare instance it does occur) retreat if it loses a significant amount of its rocky shell so it can recuperate; a process which in some instances can take up to hundreds of years, slowly attracting rocks to attach and weld to the conglomerate it calls its body.

Miscellaneous Notes: - Can speak in a hollow, telepathic projection. Intelligence is additionally proportional to the size of its body; the larger a Plesiotitan, the more complex thoughts it will be able to fathom.
- Presumed that there are less than a hundred in existence; all exceed a length of 150 feet, and roughly half are larger than 250.
- Not fond of the company of one another.
- Its telepathic control carries a docile tone to it, but be warned; the Plesiotitan is a creature that has traveled the seas for many years and has just managed to temper its aggression. If it approaches you for an intellectual conversation, be warned that it does not necessarily mean the creature doesn't wish you any harm: though they tend to appreciate fellow entities of knowledge.

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