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Metatron, The Celestial Archivist

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Metatron, The Celestial Archivist

Post by Metatron on Thu Aug 22, 2013 3:19 am


”The only good is knowledge, and the only evil is ignorance.”





The Cellestial Archivist, Mattatron, Enoch, You There With The Books (Thank you Gabriel...)


~5,000 Years




Akashic Repository








Two words: subtle glory.  Metatron is a creature of wisdom and humility, yet he loves to bask in the light of his creator and since his ascension has found no better way of doing so than by garbing himself splendidly.  The colors are simple and muted, but the designs are other-worldly.  Often long and impractical with billowing sleeves, woven gems and elaborate embroidery, his apparel makes it clear that he is a chosen servant of god.  Favoring whites and blues to announce the heraldry of the creator, his clothing is always neat and beautiful.

The body that clothing hides is itself something to behold.  Staggeringly tall (even for an angel) and possessing an exceptionally wide wingspan, these imposing traits are muted by the calm, knowing smile and gentle eyes with which he looks upon friend and foe alike.  Down his back flows a long cascade of dark grey hair that falls as far down as his thighs, and his wise eyes are a sea of dark blues.  And more often than not he’s surrounded by a number of floating tomes, one of them always entirely blank.


In his mortal form he appears much more like his former self, albeit substantially younger.  The former shepherd turned angel displays the darker skin of his human ancestry, with a long and billowing queue of black hair that marks a major departure from his angelic countenance.  Most jarring are the wide, red eyes through which he peers out with unquenchable curiosity.

His affinity for fine clothing still exists, but the practical restraints of a limited human body mean things tend to take a turn for the more realistic.  Where the sleeves and cuts of his angelic robes lend towards impracticality, his mortal form requires substantially more mobility and despite his penchant for loose fitting clothing still wears robes that conform more to his shape.  As with his angelic preferences, his clothing tends to be predominantly white, though black and gold are the more common accents for his outfit.  And always a book nearby, absolutely always.


Metatron is the very essence of calm, collected and wise.  Having spent millennia observing, documenting and sharing the vast body of wisdom and knowledge now housed in the heavens, he’s become something of a repository for experience and knowledge himself.  He’s seen every success, every prideful fall, every birth and death, every success and every failure.  He’s seen Angels exulted in the multitudes and cast down into Inferis.  And while he can’t recall every single detail he’s ever recorded, he has in many ways become the physical embodiment of that collective human and angelic experience.  As a rule, he is the angel other angels seek out for advice or words of encouragement.

Yet despite has sagely outlook, he has retained a sense of humor over the millennium and to those he knows well and most respects he can be both exceedingly witty and scathingly sarcastic.  His great weakness is pride of intellect, a sin he works constantly to battle as he is reminded of its presence inside him daily, thanks to the prideful incompetence of Gabriel, the angel to whom he still reports.  He is inclined to dispense advice when approached and offer aid to angels in need, though never unrequested aid.

And driving his mind is a serenity that comes from absolute faith in the divine will.  From the moment of his ascension he has looked at, studied and analyzed the divine plan, and from what best the angel has ever been able to grasp it appears perfect in every way.  This is not an angel lacking in free will, but it is one unlikely to waver from the divine path without extraordinary intervention.


Things have improved substantially for Metatron over the past 5,000 years.  When you'd spent your mortal life as a pious (but desperately poor) sheep herder, almost any positive change is going to seem like winning the lottery.  Ascension to heaven at the express will of god by contrast was more like winning every lottery ever all at once (particularly for a man like Enoch).  His body had been burned away in purifying flame and he’d been reborn and repurposed by his creator.  In life his brother Noah had called him a scholar.  He had been sought by teachers and priests for his knowledge and had travelled far from home to seek out knowledge, though he'd never used that knowledge to better himself (only others around him).

So virtuous and studious in life had he been that God carried out his ascension as the great flood came to wash away the majority of humanity.  He was joined to the angelic host that this most learned creation could ever continue the task of recording the words and deeds of angels and men.  So he’d taken on the role of Celestial Archivist and had begun his work under...THAT Archangel.  Which was to say under Gabriel, a bungling buffoon of a boss and a grossly overconfident angel with so very little substance to back up his constant, pointless demands.

Metatron, as he’d been renamed, had quickly come to understand god’s plan.  He saw Gabriel as unable to fulfill the divine vision, and thus it fell to Metatron to ensure that the history of creation was managed and preserved, even if it meant conceding loyalty to a confused bumbler like Gabriel.  It was a task he took on gladly and willingly, and one that the rest of the angelic host seemed equally thrilled about.  For as widely disliked as Gabriel was among the host, Metatron represented a way to skirt around that problematic angelic authority.

Whether by utilizing the auditory link Metatron possessed to all angels or by taking advantage of easily created distractions, those who sought the use of or access to the great Akashic Repository were able to do so through him.  The system was simple and repeatable, and yet as continuing testament to the idiocy of his archangelic lord, he never seemed to pick up on the trend.

In great contrast to Gabriel (who seemed to possess an almost encyclopedic memory for facts), Metatron set aside a great deal of detail after recording it and was instead better known for insight and peaceful analysis of complex problems.



- Omni Archiving: Metatron is able to create and summon new and finished volumes of the Celestial Archive at will, allowing access to the endless mountain of knowledge he and others have accumulated in the heavens.

- Wise Warrior: Millennia of archiving information about battles, wars, skirmishes and conflicts of all sorts have allowed him to develop skill in martial disciplines.  While he may not be the strongest or swiftest angelic warrior, his ability to know how an opponent will move and act allows him to effectively leverage their skill against them.  On a larger scale, this allows him a gift for strategy that would allow him to effectively command large armies if necessary.

- Aura of Peace: Can impart a general sense of calm and well being to those around him just by his mere presence.  This aura can also physically damage demonic entities who's power is drown from disorder, stress and chaos in general.

- Words of Power: Some knowledge has great power in the face of certain enemies.  Access to secrets gives him control over those who might wish to hide from those truths.


- Voiceless: Metatron has no tongue and cannot speak.  In order to communicate he requires a written medium.

- Neat Freak: Generally it's difficult to break Metatron's cool.  However, disorganization and messes are a particular weak spot.  Particularly when caused by Gabriel stomping about in a fit...

- The Edge of Vanity: He falls dangerously close to vanity, something he strives desperately to keep in check.  There is pride in both his appearance and his abilities, but with both the example of his superior and the knowledge of the dangers of pride, this rarely surfaces.


As Metatron can read, write and understand all languages, he will use the colors of the player he is writing to in order to convey the language being used.  All other language will simply be shown in white.


- Has a flair for the dramatic, particularly in battle.

- Adores fine wine, not for its intoxicating properties (which would not effect him anyway) but rather for its flavor and the skill used in making it.

- Absolutely cannot stand Gabriel...

- Has an affinity for science fiction inspired manga.



- Once caught his kitchen on fire frying shrimp (true story)

- Is highly flammable himself

- Weighs less than a 1984 Camaro




Etreven, Emily Loizeau


~5,000 Years (+/- 4,986)


[b]Takehito Harada/Disgaea[/b] :: [b]Seraph Lamington[/b]

[b]Shinobu Ohtaka/Magi[/b] :: [b]Judal[/b]


Celestial Archivist

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Re: Metatron, The Celestial Archivist

Post by Lazarus Carter on Fri Aug 23, 2013 3:28 am


1] There's a little coding fart near the end concerning the whole white-Gabriel thing.

2] You need to save and upload your Zerochan images to tinypic, photobucket, imageshack... because Zerochan doesn't allow hotlinking, and the result is the "Hosted on" image you've got there. XD


"Wipe the blood from your halo."

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Re: Metatron, The Celestial Archivist

Post by Metatron on Fri Aug 23, 2013 4:30 am

Aaaaand fixed. :-D


As Metatron can read, write and understand all languages, he will use the colors of the player he is writing to in order to convey the language being used. All other language will simply be shown in white.

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Re: Metatron, The Celestial Archivist

Post by Jinhong Jangmi on Fri Aug 23, 2013 9:36 am



|:English (crimson)
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When speaking at the same time with her twin, they use mediumpurple no matter the language. Depends on the context and what they've been speaking before.

When in Inferis, they use italics with an appropriate color coding for the language when speaking telepathically to each other. :|
Jinhong Jangmi
Jinhong Jangmi

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Re: Metatron, The Celestial Archivist

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