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Ramiel, The Thunder of GOD Empty Ramiel, The Thunder of GOD

Post by Ramiel on Tue Aug 20, 2013 8:20 am


Ramiel, The Thunder of GOD Wwkms6 Ramiel, The Thunder of GOD Wwkms6Ramiel, The Thunder of GOD Wwkms6
”And his feet did echo, as thunder, he looketh upon the world with kind eyes. Sayeth he, I am Ramiel, He who loves and all man and guards the spirits of the dead, first amoung the Waters. And his voice did echo in the ears of all who heard it, and, they knew it was with GOD's own voice that He did spake.”



First Amoung the Watchers, Guardian of the Righteous Dead, The Thunder of GOD, God's Endless Compassion, The Hope of GOD, Bearer of True Visions, He Who Holds the Instructions,

From the dawn of the angels to now Ramiel has stood.


Empyrean Santum

Ramiel, The Thunder of GOD 3156874-gutsRamiel, The Thunder of GOD Berserk_guts_by_daboombaRamiel, The Thunder of GOD BerRamiel, The Thunder of GOD Berserk_guts_sword_Wallpaper_qahzvRamiel, The Thunder of GOD Berserk_Guts_Color_by_galactus83Ramiel, The Thunder of GOD 2782531-berserk18602463Ramiel, The Thunder of GOD Berserk21Ramiel, The Thunder of GOD Berserk_guts_rage_wallpaper_by_edd000-d55ibfrRamiel, The Thunder of GOD Berserk-Guts-and-Casca

Ramiel, The Thunder of GOD Jet-black
Ramiel, The Thunder of GOD 4807c73c-d81e-11df-8228-a8bfc396a36fRamiel, The Thunder of GOD Jet



Ramiel, like all other angels is a form of perfection. His shoulders are broad and his muscles are powerful and lean. Each and every aspect of his form is perfectly symmetrical and even. His jaw is square and defined and his hair is the truest black. His eyes are not so much eyes as they are orbs of crackling light. They shine a powerful electric blue when he is calm and burn a fierce-some violent when he is angered. His voice booms like thunder even at a whisper and each movement his long powerful limbs make crackles with electric power, as if he had an infinite thunder storm brewing in his body. He is always clad in his long gray cloak that is identical to that of his personal angels. The cloak seems to be unnaturally still even in the most powerful winds. It only stirs when he moves and even then only slightly. His body is covered by dark loose fitting clothing and covered by a midnight black breastplate and pauldrons. He stands at a massively imposing twelve an a half feet tall and carries a great sword just as tall. Ramiel's inhuman size and strength give him the ability to use such a massive weapon in one hand and with stunning speed and precision. The sword is some what plain, being a silvery double edged blade that comes directly down to the hilt, lacking a hand guard. As with all angels though his wings are the most striking part of his appearance. Stretching twenty four feet from end to end sit two massive crimson eagle's wings that are tipped with the the brightest and most vibrant golden feathers. His wings seem to pulse with the beat of his heart as though they were made of blood and not flesh and feather. When Ramiel flies the sky rumbles with the thunder of GOD.

Ramiel's mortal form is much less impressive, as one would expect. While still rather large, standing in the six and a half foot range and weighing over two hundred pounds Ramiel tends to look like a fit older man. His form looks to be in his mid forties but could be mistaken for early thirties due to his health. The most distinctive sign of age is the male pattern baldness that has set in. Ramiel's black hair has receded from his forehead. Though what age might have taken from him in hair it doesn't stop his mortal form from living it up. He wears comfortable clothes and always has a smile on his face and the strangest accent. After all, you really can't shake that angelic accent can you. He has dark colored eyes that sit in light and happy sockets that always seem to have had enough sleep. Even though he has kept up with the general fashions of Earth Ramiel almost never wears such things in his mortal form, preferring comfort and function to style. Ramiel is not used to his mortal form and still rarely uses it. He is often clumsy in it and more often than not thinks he can reach farther than normal or is taller than he actually is. He has a full beard at all times, partly to make up for his inability to grow a beard in his angelic form, and a large scar over his right eye. A constant reminder of what pride can cause.

A kind heart is the key to a peaceful mind. Ramiel has both of those things. He is the pinnacle of optimism and never seems to even entertain the idea of failure or even negativity. he is always ready to move on to the next plan of action or the next whatever there is to do. Nothing gets the Angel of Hope down! However, that is not exactly true. Ramiel can in fact feel sadness. He often does when discussing his fallen brothers and sisters or the plight of man in general. he is saddened by the deep depression that the every day life of man seems to hover in. He does what he can to help mankind yet he has many other duties and thus can not do much to make the lives of men easier. Instead, he tasks his favored angels, the Grigori to watch over man for him.

Ramiel always tries to reason with anyone he meets before violence breaks out. He is always the last to draw a weapon and the last to put it away. His fixation on peace forces him to see every confrontation to to a permanent end. Nothing can be left hanging. If a conflict goes unresolved often time Ramiel will become obsessed with finishing the issue. However, if the enemy, at any point surrenders he will always at least hear the terms. After all, he wants no un-needed bloodshed. When it comes to the favorite of God, mankind, Ramiel can not harm them. he will go out of his way to avoid them being harmed. Even so far as to only subdue ritualists and withdraw the demon.

Ramiel is also PAINFULLY friendly and up beat. He doesn't just think but KNOWS that no matter what teamwork, friendship and positive thinking will win the day. that's why they are going to win. Not only do they have the power of God on their side but they are in it for the good of all. Far too often demons are fixated on personal gain glory. Ramiel pays that no mind. he knows that his actions will speak for themselves and he need not worry about anything but getting the job done and keeping people safe.

All things have their beginnings as just ideas. Ideas and concepts. Such is true for all of man and so is true for those that came before man. Angels were born of the mind of GOD and each was made for a reason. In the infinite foresight of Our Father Ramiel was created. Born was he, not like that of a man or a woman but as a true idea. Born into the world of Heaven with just a whisper and so he was. His creation was with a crack of thunder and a sigh of elation. His was the breath of hope and passion. Ramiel's life began in a thunderous roar of both love and fury and so he was.

Each moment in Ramiel's life has been predetermined by the divine plan set in motion at his creation. In the time before man was anything more than the concept of a new creation Ramiel was a servant to the original "archangels". He was a messenger and a muse, just a small thing that stood to the side of the greatness that he served and was content to do so. He was made to serve and he never once considered the alternative. He loved his Father and his brothers, both older and younger, and did whatever he could to help them in their seemingly endless quest to create a new world.

Though eventually their quest did end. Man was to be made and the new world was to be elevated above them. Ramiel cared not, instead he looked down on the world with love and happiness. ready to protect and to serve the new ones. He would be a great guardian to his newest and littlest brothers. He was not alone in his elation. many angels looked down on the new being with love and kindness but this was not always the case. No, in their seemingly infinite power and wisdom the "archangels" did look on the new world with envy and detested their Father. They wanted more than to be servants and wanted little to do with this new world. They were poisoned by pride and egotism. This lef to their fall.

The rebellion was short by angelic lives and the number of lives lost was monumental by human standards. Ramiel was forced to take up sword and armor against those he so loved and wanted to help. In fact, he never stopped loving them. He fought them because he had to for no other reason. He would have wanted only to stop and to speak to them. To convince them of the error in their ways. He wanted only to put an end to the conflict and stop the division of the heavens. Though, something occurred to him. The LORD Our GID must have known. He must have seen this betrayal and allowed it to happen. It was with that in mind that Ramiel fought, time and time again, his brothers and sisters. He knew that in the end the heavens would be put back together and he would see his brothers and sisters in the light of Our LORD again.

Those who stood against the Father were cast down and Ramiel bore scars from his conflict with them. His face and body had been injured and he had declined the removal of his scars. He knew it would mar his perfect form yet he knew another thing. He knew his Father would have known he would keep them and that they would remind him of what pride and envy can make one do. He wore his scars so that he would never forget his brothers that fell. So that he would know who he was to defend man against. One day he would see them again and he would show them his scars and tell them why.

Ages passed, eons went by while the two sides of heaven silently plotted against each other. Ramiel stood on his endless vigil. Guarding the holy dead and taking the souls of those worth to heaven. His crafted angels of his own and set them to task protecting GOD's beloved mankind. He watched as the forces of man struggled with temptation and with the powers of the Underworld. He wanted only to intervene. He wanted to save the poor people's souls. Then his time came. A time where the forces of the darkness were trying to overtake the world of man. Ramiel knew what had to be done before he was asked. With sword in hand and armor-clad he went to war. He knew what had to be done. he needed to bring hope and love to those who had been devoid of it for so long, and fire and steel to those who would not submit. it would be the first time eons that he had seen his brothers, he hoped they would be reasonable. He hoped they would See the truth and come to the light. Ramiel had no desire to kill them, but, he would not hesitate to execute those who would turn against the Almighty Father above.

The Grigori
When people refer to a guardian angel, this is what they mean. While not the strongest or fastest of the angels Grigori are the watchers. They are silent and forever vigilent. The Grigori are often used as the angels scouts or to keep an eye on a particularly powerful demon human. Grigori can move undetected and normally make no interruptions of their targets what so ever. Instead they are content to watch and relay the messages to Ramiel with their minds. However, when battle does break out the Grigori do not shy away from violence. Each is armed with a massive unbreakable chain that can be slung around an enemy to hold them still or bashed into a foe with great power. The Grigori are all faceless men that have two glowing blue pits where their eyes should be. They can not speak but use telepathy to communicate. They all are clad in thick and heavy gray robes. The Grigori stand around seven feet tall and seem to be very skinny and frail. This is however not true. The Grigori possess an explosive power that rivals that of much larger angels. This is only a short burst though and the watchers do not possess a great reservoir of stamina.
- Invisibility.
- Short burst of immense srength.
- Unbreakable chain weapons
- Can find anyone Ramiel tells them to target.
- Out-going telepathy.
- Fell no pain
Ramiel, The Thunder of GOD 158

- Unparalleled Strength: Hope gives endless bounds of strength. Ramiel is largest of his brothers and his strength is porportionate. The Archangel could power clean a fully loaded gasoline tanker, for reps.
- Kindhearted: Maybe not exactly a skill but it is one of Ramiel's most powerful tools. He is always willing to negotiate and always wants to bring the poor creatures of the dark back to the light. This is exponentially true for lost morals.
- Awesome Presence: The force of Ramiel's appearance and personality can often be enough to defeat a foe. His booming voice and thunderous steps can shake the hearts of those who would stand against the power of GOD.
- Connected: Ramiel has sent his angels far and wide to watch over GOD's favortie creation and thus knows a surprising amount about them. he is, in fact, up to date on fashions, trends, music and even slang. This gives him an advantage when interacting with mortals.
- Sound Immunity: Ramiel, being the thunder of GOD neither fears nor seems to hear loud, annoying, or even damaging sounds. Sound waves pass over him as though they were just a calm breeze. He hears and listens to what he needs to and the rest just sort of doesn't affect him.
- Infinite Volume: On the opposite end of the spectrum Ramniel can speak or yell at nearly unfathomable volumes. His vocal control is so intense that he can shatter glass with a high note or yell so loud that it disorients people. In a sound system battle of Ramiel vs a tricked out truck, Ramiel wins. By reciting poetry.
- Unnatural Resilience: Raniel is far beyond a moral. His skin is tough as the hide of a much larger animal and he does not seem to be hindered by blood loss or injuries. Only a singularly fatal blow and strike down this archangel, just as hope can endure through anything.

- Kindhearted: A double edged sword. Ramiel's kindness can easily be exploited by those with a mind to do so.
- Love for Humanity: GOD's Unending Love flows through Ramiel and he can not harm GOD's most loved creation. Ramiel can not and will not use lethal force on any human. He will reason with them, scare them, or disable them if necessary but will never kill them or stand by and allow them to be killed.
- Fury: Once battle has been entered what Ramiel was seems to leave him. While he still refuses to harm mortals those who are unfortunate enough to be of the demonic variety are given no quarter. Pleading does not work. The only thing that will stop Ramiel's fury is the permanent destruction of those who would stand against the power of the LORD our GOD. Or, if they manage to escape from him, a feat easier said than done. This can lead him to be an incredibly destructive force with no care for collateral damage of any other kind aside from human.
- Silence: Ramiel not only detests silence and will do what he can to break it but it also causes him to lose touch with what gives him his power. In complete silence Ramiel can not use his Gear. Though, keeping him silent is the real trick.

Angelic, White  English, Cyan  Hebrew, Blue Latin, Red  German, Green Chinese, Yellow French, Purple  Russian, Pink  Sumerian, Black


- Ramiel likes the way cigarettes and cigars look but doesn't want to smoke them.
- Ramiel loves to cook for people, yet doesn't really like eating.
- Ramiel will make friendship speeches.
- Does in fact like long walks on the beach.
- Dislikes rain.
- Doesn't use his mortal form unless he has to. he doesn't like putting a false appearance.
- Still loves all of his brothers and sisters.
- Knows that war, hooah! Yeah! Is good for absolutely nothing.
- Was worshiped as Thor by the Norse.
- Loves comic books.
- Likes just about every kind of music.
- Has a weakness for the allures of human women but can control himself with his willpower.



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Ramiel, The Thunder of GOD Empty Re: Ramiel, The Thunder of GOD

Post by Alice the Chopper on Tue Aug 20, 2013 2:17 pm


1] Please enter the name of the Skyhaven Ramiel rules over. In this case, it would be the Empyrean Sanctum.

2] Please include a picture of your specialized angel.


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Ramiel, The Thunder of GOD Empty Re: Ramiel, The Thunder of GOD

Post by Alice the Chopper on Thu Aug 22, 2013 8:31 am



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Ramiel, The Thunder of GOD Empty Re: Ramiel, The Thunder of GOD

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