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#137 - Deep Hellion

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#137 - Deep Hellion Empty #137 - Deep Hellion

Post by Lazarus Carter on Tue Aug 20, 2013 1:07 am


Name: Deep Hellion
Aliases: Calamari Quadroped, Crustacite

Sphere: The Black Sea
Tier: Regular

#137 - Deep Hellion 34fbm02

Abilities: The chief amphibious unit of Leviathan's armies, the Deep Hellion is a creature remarkable for many attributes. The first of this is an ability to survive with aplomb the pressure of the deepest, darkest depths of the Black Sea, yet simultaneously be able to somehow walk on land unimpeded. Able to breathe and survive out of water, the Hellions do so on the small shorelands to the southeast of the breadth of Inferis' largest region, though occasionally make forays into the coasts of spheres it can reach; whilst not fond of the Ashland or the Domain due to their heated climates, they will happily crawl ashore in the Necropolis, the Undercroft, the Enclaves, and even the far edge of the Blightscape every now and then.

A versatile combat unit dispatched in small groups as sometimes a patrol, sometimes an explorer, and a guardsman and warrior all the same, the Hellions are all capable of complex human speech and can converse easily with mortals. They stand roughly seven feet tall, with slender bodies almost humanoid in shape til their waist, when it splits into four crustacean legs and a remarkable tail which allows them to become streamlined on whilst swimming. Their tapered and imposing thin, pointed teeth are of what they're renowned for; as they speak in their hollow, deep, looming voices, their jaws - seemingly detached - twitch every now and then. It appears to be uncontrollable but is all the same eerie.

The "hands" of the Hellion are armoured up to the point where a human wrist would be found with the same chitinous organic material that covers most of its body; from there it moves into three, prehensile, sucker-lined octopus-like tentacles which are muscular enough to act with the precision of fingers, all the while possessing the formidable grip of underwater beasts. Opening the tentacles out, the Hellion can, as a last resort, from between the three launch bursts of blinding ink before it scuttles away back into the sea chirping all the while.

The Hellions are a useful troop for Leviathan and all of Inferis and would be almost perfect standard infantry were it not for two things; first, they become greatly unnerved the further they tread from the fringes of the sea. Within sight they're fine; half a mile and they start to get jittery, a full mile and they begin to become visibly unnerved. After two miles they become almost rabid, and extended periods of time away from the sea will cause them, after broaching this threshold, to usually turn and sprint back into the water. Additionally, their one key unarmoured point - their heads - also control the rest of the body; one stray bullet and a Hellion is felled completely.

Miscellaneous Notes: - Found in small exploration parties in the Blightscape, the Undercroft, the Enclaves, and the Necropolis, but only within 500m of the shore usually. They tend to scour for information and will attack lesser, unaffiliated Demons; occasionally they have been known to pounce on an Archdemon's more unwitting troops, but this is a rare occasion. And, after all, Demons will be Demons.

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