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Gabriel, Angel of Revelation

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Gabriel, Angel of Revelation

Post by Gabriel on Thu Aug 15, 2013 6:04 pm


”Fear not me, mortals… no, wait, that’s not it… erm, mortals! Not fear me… I’ve gotten it wrong again, haven’t I? Oh, there’s only one of you… umm… mortal, I do not fear you… I’m never going to get this right. Well, errr… God did something to your lady parts and your son is going to be the messiah… or daughter. I think son, because he’s also going to be God… I think… sorry, I haven’t done this in the while, can I start again?”



Jibril, Jibra Il, The Man in Linen, Angel of Revelation, The Keeper of Information, The Messenger, The Bringer of the Word of the Lord Himself.

7,040,002,871 years old, give or take a couple millennia.


Akashic Repository





Gabriel hates his Angel form, oddly. He rarely uses it except for when flying. His hair is the colour of gold, and appears to be in flames. It sits upon a well-built head, upon a well-built body. He has a powerful aura about him, but otherwise he looks relatively human. However, his shins appear to be on fire, with the flames taking the shape of small wings. These are what Gabriel uses to ‘fly’. It appears as if he’s running on air instead of flying, with a trial of flame behind him as he goes. From far away, he could be mistaken for a falling star. However, he hates being in this form; it genuinely is uncomfortable for Gabriel due to the heat of the flames.

Gabriel much prefers his mortal form, which he uses for just about everything. While he can’t fly, he happily trades this for simply being able to walk around without feeling agonising heat. He’s intentionally as far away from his angelic form as possible, with black hair, weak features, a certain age about him, and a generally unassuming presence. He has a much slower gait, and plods from place to place, but oddly still has no indoor voice. Everything he said is just a little too loud, with no subtly or grace to anything he does. Notoriously clumsy and awkward, he’ll speak without pausing, like the words in his mouth are a continuous stream of data, and then immediately stop until he has something to say again.

Archangels, as servants of God, need to be loyal to their dying day, as unlikely that day will come to pass as it is. This is good for Gabriel, because he has almost no free will whatsoever.

The Angel of Revelation is one of the more infuriating Archangels to speak to or even meet. Gabriel is, ultimately, an incompetent bumbler; stiflingly awkward around other people, his status as messenger is something that really doesn’t suit him. He stutters, has to write down what he’s going to say only to get it wrong, and can’t ask anything of anyone. He’s also very blunt and to the point, refusing to give context for his message; he barges into one’s life, says the message, then leaves as awkwardly and abruptly as he came. To cap it all off, oddly for an angel… he’s rude. He freely makes his opinions of others known, never announces his presence if he goes somewhere, won’t do anything a superior didn’t ask of him, is completely incapable of apology, and doesn’t say his please’s and thank you’s to boot. Of course, his duties involve him to communicate with others more than any of the other Archangels. He’s the Angel of Revelation, the Keeper of Information and the Messenger, the Bringer of the Word of the Lord Himself. Gabriel is the Archangel who is the complete opposite of everything his job requires.

And yet, he genuinely thinks that he’s the best, most capable and most powerful of all of them.

Lucifer himself would have difficulty holding a candle to Gabriel’s misplaced pride. He’s simply fallen into the completely ungrounded delusion that he’s the most competent Archangel, if not being, in the world, and that everyone around him both adores him and would be nothing without him. In a paradoxical existence, Gabriel also does everything he does out of a desperate need for approval. Deep down, somewhere in whatever brick he uses as a brain, Gabriel does indeed know that most people can’t stand him and he needs to prove himself, but he’s spent so long denying it that he just defaults to a constant feeling of searching for approval that he also thinks that he already has. He blindly follows the orders of God, and Michael, without even considering his actions or their consequences. He has no free will of his own, only the compulsion to follow others. However, given his position as Michael’s second-in-command, he acts like he has all the power in the world, often ordering the other angels about before realising that he doesn’t actually know what he wants them to do and just tells them to “carry on with whatever it is you’re doing! Chop chop!” He doesn’t realise that he’s little more than a pawn of destiny, with no clue of his own place in the world and shouting over the little voice in his head who tells him this.

In addition, he’s what some would describe as a wise fool; he’s read almost every book in every language that’s ever been and ever will be written, but he’s so blithering stupid and forgetful that he always needs to reread everything. He doesn’t learn so much as look up information, and this, ultimately, is the tragedy of the rude, bumbling moron who was going

For all the access to all the knowledge he has, Gabriel will never realise what he needs to do to earn the respect of others. He’s mindless, brainless and, and this is the fact he denies the most, powerless.

Gabriel’s role in life is something he doesn’t understand but is defined very clearly. He has always been and always will be a pawn; a minion for the whims of those few higher powers.

Of God’s creations, He thought that it would be Gabriel who would be the most frustrating one; not because there was darkness in his heart, but just because the guy was an idiot who was always one step away from doing something dangerous. When it was Lucifer, not Gabriel, who challenged the Lord for his seat, the Archangel who would become the Devil was banished and God did weep. And He found that it was Gabriel, the one He doubted, who was the first to leap to His side. Not with action, but with words and support. The pain of casting out His progeny affected God greatly and He initially refused to cast Gabriel out in a similar way, something which He later saw as a mistake. Like Lucifer, Gabriel felt pride grow greater and greater in him, but he was even more loyal than Lucifer had ever been. God could’ve told him to drown a basket of puppies and he would without hesitation. But Gabriel’s bizarre manner, his deepening pride, the way he simply put down all the others not by any other means other than simply being able to, also warned of great power and danger. Not only could he become a second Lucifer, he could become even worse. If only for one dampener;

Gabriel was the idiot of the group.

The Archangel who was the most proud was the one with the least reason to be so, and he couldn’t do any harm that someone else didn’t think of. So God did not worry, and continued to let Gabriel hang around, but at a price. He would never look to Gabriel in the same way as Lucifer. Lucifer had talent, had power, had wisdom. Gabriel had none of these things, and did not deserve any recognition. He let Gabriel follow his orders, He let Gabriel’s mind fester and rot, and willingly let Gabriel turn from pride to sycophancy. The Archangel shied away from the darkness in his heart as it receded, becoming a bumbling fool rather than a dangerous enemy to the Lord. In essence, Gabriel’s idiotic nature saved him from banishment. He just couldn’t be dangerous if he tried. His teeth unknowingly blunted, Gabriel slipped back into line with the others.

Gabriel was later chosen to be the Messenger of God. He would bring the Word of the Lord from the Heavens to the Earth. Why, though? Most likely, it was his great speed. Gabriel was amongst the fastest of God’s creatures, and his urgency meant that messages were delivered very quickly when need be. The problems of his bumbling nature and lack of social skills were disconcerting, but the Word of God was the Word of God, however delivered. Human writers would change his words in later generations anyway, to add a sense of much needed gravitas.

But the duties gave Gabriel an even worse streak than before. All his pride came roaring back, and he was even more demeaning than ever. God, this time, stepped in early and just told Gabriel the truth; that he was a moron and had no reason to be proud, and if he carried on like this he would go the same way of Lucifer. And there, in that moment, God met his greatest enemy. Not the Devil, not the non-belief of man, not even the concept of betrayal itself, but something simultaneously utterly harmless and yet completely indestructible.

Denial. Gabriel simply laughed, told God that it was a good joke, and carried on with his day.

God was genuinely shocked. The brain was capable of such wisdom, and yet also such self-imposed idiocy. It was as if Gabriel’s mind had cracked in two, one half blinding the other to hide it from the horrid truth while the other rotted from within until it could only obey whatever others told it to do. The more insistent God was, the stupider Gabriel seemed to be, the harder his ears shut out the words. Finally, God gave up, and from that day refused to use Gabriel as anything more than a glorified postal service. And Gabriel was happy to serve, because that was he was from the beginning and what he always would be.

A pawn. An idiot with one foot in the bright, but one foot over the line, in the darkness.



Cherubim are depicted in the modern art in a very different form from their actual form. They tend to be romanticised as babes with bows and crotch leaves. In actuality…

… a cherub is a bizarre thing. A very bizarre thing.

A four sided, four headed beast, with the faces of a man, an eagle, a bull and a lion, the cherubim spin around in a preposterous manner, and constantly shout, scream grunt and roar in incomprehensible gibberish. Sometimes, they attack others, and when this happens the human face breathes in, and one of three things happens; the bull flares his nostrils, torques of flames shooting out of its mouth as it does, the eagle lets out an animal call and shoots a jet of water, or the lion spits a brick out.

As for what they do, nobody knows. They float around, occasionally shouting into books and computer screens, and no one knows why or what the results are. Nobody knows what the cherubim are doing, why they’re doing it or what they want. Gabriel pretends that he knows, but he actually is as confused as anyone else.

- Extraordinarily fast; even amongst other angels, Gabriel’s speed in flight is unbelievable. He takes off at Mach 1 and simply speeds up exponentially, with potential to reach Hypersonic speeds.
- Gabriel is determined in every regard. Nothing will stop him from his goal, and nothing will get in his way.
- In terms of physicality, Gabriel is a powerhouse, with superhuman strength and endurance.
- Given his position as Keeper of the Akashic Repository, a great library, Gabriel has access to almost all knowledge available, and can, surprisingly so for an idiot, recite thousands of texts from memory.
- Gabriel is durable; you can punch him, stab him, fill him with sleeping drugs, beat him into giblets and he’ll barely be taken out of his stride.

- Gabriel is an idiot, plain and simple. He rarely learns from mistakes and doesn’t have much of a brain between his ears.
- Ask Gabriel what social cues are, and he’ll think of billiards. Otherwise, he doesn’t have a clue.
- The sin of pride is great within the Angel of Revelation. He doesn’t listen to others in the belief that he knows best.
- Gabriel might be delusional. Anything he doesn’t like, doesn’t exist, and he doesn’t usually see a problem coming until it is much too late to fix it, and will blame others for the oversight.

Gabriel speaks Angelic (lightblue), Latin (purple), English (red), French (blue), German (darkorange), Arabic (darkgreen), Hebrew (grey), Turkish (yellow), Yiddish (beige) and Welsh (green).


- Despite having the horn as his symbol and using it to make announcements, Gabriel cannot play it, usually letting out a discordant wail when he blows into his horn.
- Gabriel cannot, CANNOT, get names right. Gabriel usually addresses the other archangels incorrectly, getting their names wrong and even referring to God as various historical figures. This is why Jesus is called Jesus; he was supposed to be called James.
- Hail Caesar.



Sponge, or Huey, or Rob

Behemoth Hennimore, and that’s it as of yet

Roleplay Estuary can be found on the Roleplay River

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Re: Gabriel, Angel of Revelation

Post by Lazarus Carter on Thu Aug 15, 2013 10:33 pm


1] Excellent app, just change your username to Gabriel for cheeky Archangel cohesion.


"Wipe the blood from your halo."

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Lazarus Carter
Lazarus Carter

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Re: Gabriel, Angel of Revelation

Post by Lazarus Carter on Fri Aug 16, 2013 2:35 am



"Wipe the blood from your halo."

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Lazarus Carter
Lazarus Carter

Posts : 979
Join date : 2013-04-18
Age : 22
Location : Washington D.C. or London

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Re: Gabriel, Angel of Revelation

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