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Azuriel, the Angel of Swag

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Azuriel, the Angel of Swag

Post by Azuriel on Thu Aug 15, 2013 3:14 pm


“Therefore the LORD God expelled the man from the Garden of Eden so he would work the ground from which he had been taken. After he had expelled the man, the LORD God placed a winged angel at the eastern end of the Garden of Eden, along with a fiery whirling sword, to prevent access to the tree of life.” –Genesis 3: 23-24



Azuriel the Guardian, Flaming Sword of Heaven, the Guardian of Eden, the Gatekeeper, The Impassable One, The Gate Guardian, Protector, Patience, The Green Knight

About 7,600,000,000, give or take.


Elysian Oasis





Children. We’ve seen children before, many times. Children, particularly young children, can be quite adorable, as is fairly well-known to pretty much everyone, unless you hate kids. Well, despite her eons of age, Azuriel resembles a child, very much. She looks to be about ten years old, perhaps closer to twelve, at most, and is only four and a half feet tall. She has a lithe frame, though you shouldn’t be misled by this; she has compact, very lean muscle, which is barely noticeable to most. She has fair skin, of the same appearance of a beautifully painted porcelain doll, which can only go on to describe her face as well. To state it simply, her facial features are perfect, immaculate; not a single flaw to be seen, with large child-like eyes of crystalline blue, framed by well-kept blonde hair, almost yellow in hue, draping down to her waist. Of course, she would not be complete without her wings; two large wings spread from her shoulder blades out, like massive swans’ wings, with feathers of the snowiest white. And as harmless as you may imagine that she looks, you would not think so, should you notice the sheath of a blade at her hip. Silver and gold, it is quite a beauty to behold, but like the rose, it has its thorn; unsheathed, the entire sword is made of flames. Rather deadly, indeed, yet one would never know, unsuspecting the carefree, yet ever-graceful stride of the cherub. Not only this, but could you ever imagine anything more than childish innocence from a voice to make envious the most beautiful music?

In stark contrast to the rather doll-like appearance of her angel form, her mortal form is, for one, much more noticeable, and for two, much more expected of today’s crazy kids. In theory, it makes sense; hiding in plain sight, making herself as inconspicuous as possible through conspicuity. If anybody was searching for hidden angels, they wouldn’t look for her, they’d look for the fair-haired beautiful young lady; not the rainbow-haired child with the blue shades and youthful fashion choices. She tends to, in this form, wear a hat, backwards, obvious, for maximum swagger, as well as a shirt, often sporting similar color and logos to the hat, almost always overlaid with a light blue jacket. Lower down, she tends to wear jeans, plain and simple, with some form of sneakers. Really, looks quite much like your average child, though dresses a bit older for her supposed age, as if she were “five years” older than her “actual” age. Also of note, in her mortal form, her eyes slow shift in coloration, cycling the color spectrum over a 24 hour period.  Other than these things, she is essentially no different from her angelic form, in terms of body language and voice. Except for the fact she doesn’t normally speak on Earth, but you get the picture.

Patience. That is one word that could probably summarize the bulk of what Azuriel's personality is known for. She doesn't get impatient, simply put; thus, she tends to be a lot more cheerful. Totally makes sense if you think about it; most people get frustrated by waiting for things, and that builds, and ruins what COULD be a perfectly good mood. So instead of doing that, she maintains a good mood. Constantly. In fact, it can be somewhat disturbing at times... As she cheerfully massacres a horde of demons... Smiling all the while... Erm... Anyways...

She is also, at her very heart of hearts, very much a child, in more than appearance. She is prone to whim and wont, and as such, is easily distracted by childish things such as curiosity or boredom. She enjoys games, and sees many things as a form of game. There is also a certain unwavering loyalty to those she calls her superiors; like that of a young child to a parent, she will defend them as best as she can from any threats, should they be unable to do so themselves. The difference being that she is more than capable of doing so, in the event of a very dangerous enemy. Though really, she is rather peaceable, and will probably not go on the offensive more than is necessary, preferring to talk- or in most cases, mime- down any problems that occur, averting them diplomatically, rather than fighting. Oh, unless you try to break into Eden. Then you're screwed.

Eons and eons ago, in a land long before even the original sin, all of the angels of Heaven were just being birthed. Amongst these primordial, Azuriel was born, with a specific purpose in mind, or rather, two purposes in particular, one being yet to be discovered, only coming several billion years later, the other being [REDACTED]. And of all the angels of Heaven, she did have a few she favored over others, choosing to converse with them over others. Among them were three most prominent. There was Uriel, of course, whom she often took walks with, simply talking, enjoying the beauty of the lush paradise created by the archangels. The two grew closer, and to this day, Azuriel is a member of Uriel’s order, following her with limitless loyalty. That’s one of three, however; what of the other two?

Well, there was an angel who, in hindsight, came off to be a sort of parallel to herself, a good and proper foil, her opposite, yet similar. Abaddon, the gatekeeper of the Lake of Fire. Despite his rather lofty position and title, he was often looked over and forgotten amongst angels, but she visited him from time to time, attempting to keep him company, where no others would. It was a sad sight to see someone so lonely and unappreciated in a world of paradise. Not only sad, but even ironic; in the most glorious, joyous, realm of existence, the only realm of existence, in fact, there still lurked such things as unhappiness, dissatisfaction. It was odd, really.

And then there was the third, the one currently known as Lucifer. He really was popular, very much so in fact, and Azuriel was no exception to his popularity. She viewed him as an older brother of sorts. He was a role model, one to look up to; the prodigal child, the one who was always right, and even without it going said, the ultimately favored one. Yet nobody seemed to have a problem with the extra doting towards him. He just seemed to have earned it.

Until one day.

One day, he gathered a third of the host, and Azuriel, although tempted, knew that it was a foolish thing to do. She tried to plead them not to go through with the plan, but none heard her words. And so they fell, a single mighty blow striking out their wings, sundering their souls in two, and fall they did. Even Abaddon, ironically, fell into the bottomless pit, the very pit he had once guarded. And the cherub pitied them all for it.

For eons, she carried on, enjoying serenity and peace. A new land was made, a world called “Earth” It was beautiful. Dinosaurs and other creatures roamed the land for years, until one day, they stopped; Unpleasantly, one of the former archangels had used his once wonderful abilities to ruin the world’s beauty. Yet even ruined, it held a certain beauty regardless. Ages passed, and soon enough, a new thing was made; a garden, one of far more exquisite beauty than anything else on Earth. And placed into it was a single creature; “Adam,” the first man. Azuriel couldn’t help but spend much of her time curiously watching him.

Not long after, God decided that Adam was lonely; he needed another, something to love. Someone to love. And as he slept, God removed from him a rib and thus made Eve. But, as we all know, that didn’t last forever. The pair disobeyed The Lord, taking from the tree of forbidden knowledge, having listened to Lucifer. And as they were cast out, Azuriel was the one called down from the Heavens to obliterate the garden, that beautiful paradise outside Heaven. It brought tears to her eyes.

Seeing this, she was given a bit of leeway; it didn’t have to be destroyed completely. That was good enough, as she drew her blade and set the once lush and gorgeous land ablaze. But she kept a small token of it, if only but for herself. Near the Eastern gate of Eden, two trees stood, several miles apart. These and the corners of the gate formed a square, a patch of land, 77.7 square miles of area, which was not ruined, instead kept fertile and beautiful. Seeing that she, more than any other, loved the Garden especially so, she was the one tasked with guarding it, to prevent man from ever accessing it again.

And there she stood, unmoving, sword in hand, like a statue, for five million years. Twice, she stirred; once, in the year 6789 BC, three men came within range of Eden, exploring. She appeared before them, telling them to leave. Two left without a word. The third, however, withdrew from his hip a large hammer-like weapon, swinging it madly at Azuriel, who calmly raised her blade; the hammer was severed in two upon impact. Unrelenting, he attempted to stab her with the handle, and she cut him down without a second thought. The second time was in the year 1457; forty Ritualists had heard tale of a secret place where supposedly the primordial ritual had occurred, millions of years before the current ritualism had begun, and travelled there to find it. Again, she confronted them, saying leave. They attacked. There were no remains.

Several centuries passed, until March of 2012. For the first time in six hundred years, Azuriel stirred once more, and this time, shifted from her Angelic form, walking amongst mortals as mortal, as she walked to Johannesburg. There, she entered Inferis, and there she is, and shall be. One thing is certain, however; with her being relieved of her secondary objective, it is only a matter of time before her primary objective unravels. And when it does…


Angelic Host, specifically, Uriel.

- Flight, of course.
- Deceptively young, in appearance. Less likely to be noticed, more likely to not shank to death, usually.
- Rather fast, on foot. Twenty miles per hour, fair impressive and whatnot.
- Blindingly fast in the air. Talking flight-speeds of up to a falcon-like 160, with dives of up to 210 mph.
- Strong enough, and skilled enough, to wield a sword with masterful ability.
- Ruthless. Much like the angels of biblical lore who burned entire cities to the ground, when she acts, she acts with no mercy, vying for perfect efficiency.
- Agile. Given her small size, she can maneuver around opponents and obstacles rather well, especially in flight.
- Patience. Well. Considering she stood still for five million years
- Is possibly one of the most knowledgeable on the topic of mankind’s fall and the Garden of Eden.
- Can somehow tell whether a person can speak Angelic or not. Rather helpful, given speaking Angelic at everyone she saw would do no benefit for anyone.
- Incredibly awesome at playing bass guitar; nobody can outrock her mad skeelz.
- Has a lot of swag. This skill is invaluable.

- Not particularly strong, physically, given her child-like form, even accounting for the extra muscle.
- Water and sand can usually pwn her sword fairly quickly.
- Averse to snakes, avoids them; can be used to advantage against her.
- Not exactly the best at conversation, outside of speaking to angels and those of their language.
- Unrelenting; stubbornly refuses to retreat, even in the direst situation.
- Ranged attacks. Only wielding a sword, she can’t very well attack those that are far away.
- Hasn’t been out of Eden in, quite literally, eons. Not completely up to date on current events.
- Can sometimes be too trusting and forgiving.
- A bit naïve, to be completely honest.
- Completely incapable of harming the original pair of fallen humans, nor their Ritualist hosts, should they possess such.
- In addition, cannot harm certain other biblical figures, even those currently in demonic form, for whatever reason.
- Cannot attack anything/one standing in the center of a pentagram drawn in blood.
- Bound to the Garden of Eden, and must travel there, no matter the distance, whenever a human comes within 7,777 feet of its entrance.
- Will obey any reasonable request from a priest of an Abrahamic faith, unless contradicting prior orders.
- Should [REDACTED], [DATA EXPUNGED], [CENSORED], and [INSUFFICIENT AUTHORIZATION] be gathered, and begin to [HIGHER CLEARANCE NEEDED], Azuriel has overarching orders to [DATA EXPUNGED], disregarding all previous orders and duties.

Azuriel speaks Angelic. Yep. Just Angelic. :| U mad?
On Earth, communicates in Improvised Sign Language when needed.


- Can't play a heavenly harp for crap. Instead, she plays an electric bass. Adds a nice touch, y'know?
- Quite fond of chai tea, and heavily sugared coffee.
- VERY. VERY. VERY. Good at charades.
- Confused by a lot of the modern world, or the ancient world for that matter. In fact, she didn't really notice the Earth-consuming flood. Figured it was just raining pretty bad, so she climbed a really tall tree in the ruins. And stayed there for forty days... It was uncomfortable.



The nine thousand and first Doctor, heretofore referenced as “Jay”

Kraith the Hipster, Rev the Psychopath, Moloch the Manchildbeardragonthing, Jasna the Cookie Addict, Bowie the Superfab Diva King Rockstar, Tony the Gangsta, and now Azuriel the Whateversheis. 8D

Roleplay long time now.

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Azuriel speaks Angelic. Yep. Just Angelic. :| U mad?
On Earth, communicates in Improvised Sign Language when needed.

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Re: Azuriel, the Angel of Swag

Post by Alice the Chopper on Thu Aug 15, 2013 3:27 pm

-Insert 20% joke-


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