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#125 - Ebondragon

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#125 - Ebondragon Empty #125 - Ebondragon

Post by Lazarus Carter on Sun Aug 04, 2013 12:24 am


Name: Ebondragon
Aliases: Shadow Dragon, Tar Wyvern

Sphere: Tarpit Enclaves
Tier: Elite

#125 - Ebondragon 2gxqs21

Abilities: Birthed from the foul tar itself once every hundred years is an Ebondragon.

These creatures bare the draconian image of lore. They are winged. Reptilian. Predatory. Supple. Powerful. And formidable against conventional armies dozens, even hundreds strong. Yet they are corrupt; oh so corrupt. For the tar taints an Ebondragon from the moment it emerges, breaking free from a grisly, viscous membrane, and unfurling its black wings. An Ebondragon is condemned to a feral lifestyle of roaming the skies; there is no intelligence, no conversation, no hoarding as is presumed of the totalitarian dragons of olde. No - there is simply hunger.

The Tarpits gives birth to many a hungry creature but the Ebondragon is one of the most fearsome. Physically it is almost completely dominant; its jaws can crush concrete, its talons can rend the flesh of all but the hardiest Demons, and its wings allow it to swoop down from great heights in but a moment and unleash a ranged strafing run. The Ebondragon can, instead of the mythological typical flame of wyverns, unleash a breath of a different type; a foul gaseous spray that smells only of ash and death, that when inhaled causes at first lethargy - any weak-minded beings caught at the epicentre of such a vapour will drop to their knees and submit momentarily - then unconsciousness, before finally organ failure and death. Size, power, and resilience are big factors in this; but the weaker you are, the quicker you will fall to the strafing of an Ebondragon.

A shadowy aura is exuded from the core of their body in a manner not dissimilar from the Architects, which acts as a hostile, symbiotic entity; moving close to this aura on further inspection will yield revelation that it, similarly, is gaseous - and a stronger, much more potent vapour than the one the Ebondragon breathes. Of course - both this and its "draining breath" only function on beings of different organic origins; machine-based Demons will be entirely unaffected, as will those birthed with the same dark aura - namely the Penumbra and the Architects themselves.

Though it is a rare occurrence, it has been known for an Architect and an Ebondragon to form a symbiotic telepathic bond, and for the Architect to mount the creature as a steed; thus begins an eternal partnership that only ends til one party dies, shortly followed by the feral suicide of the other. For the duration of this symbiosis the Ebondragon will gain a semblance of intelligence - and the tactical fusion of the Architect's mind and the Ebondragon's raw strength and ability makes them a formidable joined duo indeed.

Miscellaneous Notes: - Unleash a harrowing screech-like roar that chills your blood - different to the Kur of the Ashland.
- More slender than most typical dragons and the Kur, but more streamlined in the air and faster.

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"Wipe the blood from your halo."

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