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#124 - Architect

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#124 - Architect Empty #124 - Architect

Post by Lazarus Carter on Sun Aug 04, 2013 12:10 am


Name: Architect
Aliases: Originator

Sphere: Tarpit Enclaves
Tier: Regular, bordering Elite

#124 - Architect 2u7ws3c

Abilities: The Architect is a fearsome being. It bears wings of the blackest night and stands around nine or ten feet tall; and in its base form doesn't really hold too much physical nor magical strength. But its true powers lie in its inherent singular ability: umbrakinesis. Inherited from eons of dwelling in the shadowy eldritch auras of the Tarpits, the Architect's fearsome and versatile ability allows it to essentially "construct" items from shadow and darkness itself - a sort of intangible dark matter energy that its own body exudes, which it can in turn utilise.

To begin with; its wings are forged entirely from shadow. It can fly adeptly through darkened areas utilising these. That is a base ability all Architects have. They are sentient; intelligent; and tactical. But using their own bodily aura they can forge any number of things. The three basest forms in which they utilise their energy are as follows - first to create basic melee weapons, such as greatswords or axes, favouring heavy strikes in combination with the deft speed they can utilise with their wings. The second is to form blasts of pure, dark energy, which deal ranged and magical damage upon impact. The third is to call upon to rise up a pack of anywhere from three to five Penumbra to assist in battle or act as a distraction. Note that these Penumbra are not so typically moronic, and follow the Architect with a telepathic connection.

For its abilities you can see where the Architect gains its namesake and its fearsome reputation; but for all its versatility it still has its limitations. Two facts are key to defeating the Architect: first, it can only use shadow energy that's exuded primarily from itself or other fallen eldritch creatures - typically Tarpit natives - not counting the Penumbra Demons it can conjure. Most of the time if you face an Architect, it will only be able to use its own aura to power its abilities - after a few strikes, most Architects will be entirely tapped out.

Secondly, their greatest fear and weakness is, as is to be expected as a being of pure darkness, light. Bright lights will temporarily dazzle and stun them, causing them to move into confusion and attempt to scamper away. Whilst under any form of light that's any stronger than the Tarpits' natural afternoon or evening sun or twilight, the Architects will be unable to use their abilities.

Miscellaneous Notes: - Due to the fact that they're useless in bright light, they tend to avoid a) other regions of Inferis and b) the daytime, remaining more or less nocturnal, awakening around 4 or 5pm parallel Earth time.
- Sentient - and can communicate with foes in eloquent Demonic.
- Not really personable to one another. Architects are seldom ever found fighting alongside each other; though if they are, then it's a truly fearsome battle.

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