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#123 - Penumbra

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#123 - Penumbra Empty #123 - Penumbra

Post by Lazarus Carter on Sat Aug 03, 2013 11:41 pm


Name: Penumbra
Aliases: Shadowbeast, "Frederick"

Sphere: Tarpit Enclaves
Tier: Regular

#123 - Penumbra 2m7hxs2

Abilities: One would presume from the Penumbra's appearance that it would be a Demon of calibre, of fearsome ability, of eldritch powers that rank great and high above all else. However, this is not so. The Penumbra is formidable, but it's also somewhat... dimwitted. Well, that's something of an exaggeration. It's fucking brainless. Possibly - and ironically for its origin - one of the stupidest Demons to ever exist, the Penumbra is the retarded old terrier of Inferis.

Hollow, black, and quadrupedal, the Penumbra's body is constructed of what appears to be a solidified and shadowy material that, when enough pressure or force is exerted upon it, simply vaporises into a black mist. It has curved, hook-like talons on the ends of each of its feet, and a long, prehensile tail, with sharp rungs running across it. The Penumbra's main weapons, as are to be expected, are said claws and the tail, which it can use in a flail-like manner. The Penumbra have no magical or ranged capability whatsoever.

On their own, they are totally useless. Their hollow bodies and lack of internal organs make them somewhat more versatile when it comes to being resilient - but shooting them in the head or dealing enough damage to it will cause the entire body to fade into the aforementioned fine dark mist. However, luckily, Penumbra naturally occur in packs of anywhere from three to twenty at a time, and sometimes in Legion's army fitted with armour and whatever training they can conceptually grasp with their peanut brains. Much like their earthly counterparts, they have an adept sense of smell and sight and can be used as scouts; be careful as they are, however, just as likely to lead you to a decaying corpse as a nearby warrior, as the stench of flesh of any sort will throw them off.

The Penumbra are considered to be wholly expendable; but they're kind of cute, and whatever part of Legion feels sympathy for visually and emotionally appealing animals, in some sick way, appreciates that guttural snarling, and treats them kind of like dogs. Trained, they can be of moderate use. Feral packs can be fearsome. But one alone? Anyone with basic combat experience can easily dispatch it.

Miscellaneous Notes: - Just really fucking stupid.
- Tend to travel in packs. Can easily be domesticated. Often are.
- Somewhat more formidable when trained.
- Naturally occur as feral, unintelligent Demons in packs of three to twenty.

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