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Saraqael, The Judge

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Saraqael, The Judge

Post by Saraqael on Fri Aug 02, 2013 3:33 am


"The Judge", "The Law", "Watcher of Trials", "The Hollow Jury", "The Black One", "Keeper of Shields", "Protector of the Gate", "Heaven's Shell", "Twilight Guard", "Night's Gaze", "Chief of Tens", "Communicant of God", "Whom God Helps", "Officer of God", "Azrael", "Araziel", "Arazyal", "Asaradel", "Sariel", "Samuil", "Suriyel", "Suriel the Trumpeter",  "Suriel, the Angel of Death", "Saryell", "Saryel"

He takes no pride in keeping up with how long it has been since his birth. Indeed, he has lived under God's service since the first days of Heaven.

Male, though he does not appear "human" by any means.

The Twilight Court





The head of a wolf, an armor of fur adorns his entire body. From Saraqael's wrists come out claws of black, much greater than the size of mortal hands. A tattered cloth known as Saraqael's Shield rests upon his shoulders, draping over his chest and back, gold and red in color with black spade printing. His eyes glow in various colors, constantly changing, set upon all in his path and prepared to cast judgment upon the wicked. Only describable to mortals as what they would presume to be a "winged werewolf," Saraqael stands at nearly ten feet tall, towering over most he is sent to trial. His wings appear not to have feathers about them, but rather the same fur upon the rest of his body, and come out at a span of nearly twenty feet. A great, black sword lays within the angel's chest, a holy blood spilling eternally from the wound.

A grotesquely slim, black figure, nearly skeletal and his joints connecting much like bones. His teeth are still sharp, his eyes a glowing white, but his height has been greatly dropped to but six feet. His head is bald, and where there should be skin about him appears to be a hardened, black exoskeleton. His clothes are the same black as his protective shell, his upper garment sleeveless with several white striped leading down the center. The lower comes down into tight-fitting pants which heavily show off his rigid joints and structure. No one could mistake this being for a man, even in this form, but he can mingle amongst mortals when he so pleases, usually wearing over his angelic attire a black suit with matching fadora.

Of the host of Heaven's light, there is a hollowed guardian who upholds their law. His name is Saraqael, and his word is Judgment.

A silent watchman, the angel does not feel the need to speak out in times of peace. His spoken words are few, but in his silence comes a feeling of hope to the just and dread to those who have fallen to vile and wicked ways. When he speaks, those before him tremble, as they should, and it is because of this that he restricts himself and remains without voice. For what purpose would one abuse such power bestowed upon them by the Holy King on High? It is a fear of his own might that leads Saraqael down the path of rightiousness, lest he meet the same fate as Lucifer and his followers.

In his stride, though slow, there is an aweinspiring simblance to beauty in its purest form. Frightening, let it be known, to see a beast with grace; a monster who is called such by his servitude and pure demeanor and not his appearance. In the hours in which he speaks openly, words of praise to the Father flow from his jowls, upon which justice on wings of light will fall to smite those who come basked in darkness.

With but only the raising of one of his claws, he has seen the weak fall to their knees and pray for forgiveness where none would come. This angel has known fear, pain, suffering, turmoil, inner struggle, hate, and all else which would bring about tears to the masses. Yet he carries on, bearing his shield in gratitude to the Lord God. It could only be described as a truest of strengths which keeps such a being from falling to the depths brought of his own spoken word.


And so upon his creation, the beast of black did so ask his creator for what purpose was he denied the beauty given to the rest of God's children. The answer was a simple one, given in short as not to inspire troubled thoughts which could lead to hatred.

"So shall be my judgment, for it holds the most beauty within a guise of tattered hopes."

For time immeasurable he served under the Holy Spirit, and the nameless creation did so forced to bear great witness to the limitless beauty of who seemed the most privileged in all of Heaven. Lucifer, the bringer of light, a being whose face could cause man to weep tears of joy. Yet in the end it was not the beast which failed his master, but the blinding, prized creation. Irony was not lost here, but it was never taken as such, and for good reason. For within Lucifer was a want for something more. He knew not his place.

How could one so blessed by their master take their light for granted?

It was the wolf that witnessed the fall of Lucifer and his army of angels. It was he who spoke the final words before God himself cast the legion from his holy lands, and it was he who was left to mourn. For millenia onward the judgment in black oversaw mankind's trials for their sins, and it was he who cast those unworthy into the pits of Hell, just as he had done his own brethren.

While burdoned, he never faltered. No, it was he who would be crowned and named one of the Archangels. It was he deemed worthy of praise. He was named Saraqael and given great purpose, a host of shields to bear and protect those who praised the holy Father. His voice would be a beacon for the wrath to await, and so, in the might of spoken word, the horrendous would cause those who heard his call to tremble in not only fear, but his own pain as well.

For now he awaits his own calling. A day in which mankind would so need a judge and juror to look to in times of trouble. Saraqael the great, he on high named judge of souls. Saraqael the silent, let words of glory uphold his law. Saraqael the beast...

Let he who knoweth fear step within his embrace and feel peace once more.

Principalities, the true guards of the gates of Heaven, are the host of angels under Saraqael's command. They provide insight, guidance, light to the dark. Protectors in nature, they know only to serve those they are sent to as a shield in times of war. Which is exactly what these angels are. Giant, living, sentient, mobile shields of justice. They draw forth their might from the laws of man, and their duty is to uphold and defend these laws to the very end. Saraqael is usually found with any number between two and five of these traveling alongside him at a time, allowing him a constant force of protection to suit his relentless hand of judgment in the heat of battle.

[SEE ALL]: Saraqael is able to see the very souls of those who pass his gaze. In this he knows each sin committed, and each virtue upheld.
[MASTER OF WAR, SURVEYOR OF PEACE]: While he is highly dangerous and unmatched in skill when it comes to battle, he is only allowed to draw his blade against those who are deemed truly wicked. Namely, Lucifer and his armies.
[THEY TOLL FOR THEE]: Saraqael holds knowledge of when all things will come to pass. By which I mean, he knows the times that mortals will meet their demise and come before him to know their standing with the Lord. While he does know of these things, he is forbidden to speak of them, lest he change the path which fate has decided.
[ON WINGS OF NIGHT]: Skilled in flight, in the air is when he truly becomes a sight to behold. Few could claim to be as skilled in flight as the Archangel of Judgment.
[STILL YOURSELF AND KNOW TRUE FEAR]: His voice while within his angelic form has been known to bring the strongest of men to their knees. It is for this reason that Saraqael does not speak.

[A BEAST BY WHICH YOU'LL KNOW NO OTHER]: Saraqael's appearance scars him within, and the further he is brought into thinking of this the less powerful he may seem. He has been known to flee from mirrors, nay, all reflective surfaces.
[THE JUDGE'S BURDEN]: Since he is unable to do battle with those that do not walk the path of true darkness, he cannot defend himself from those that would choose to attack him. It is for this reason that he commands the Principalities.
[FLAMES OF JUDGMENT STILL HIS HAND]: While mere flames do not stop him, if Saraqael finds himself surrounded in fire (a complete circle about him) he will be rendered immobile.

Angelic (White)
Latin (Yellow)
Arabic (Green)
Egyptian (Violet)
Hebrew (Brown)
Estonian (Cyan)
Persian (Red)
Basque (Pink)
Italian (Orange)
Chinese (Blue)
Korean (Darkred)
Japanese (Lightblue)
Vietnamese (Yellowgreen)
English (Redorange)

When Saraqael does speak, he does so in BOLD AND ITALICS. This is to show that his voice is not only booming, but also physically painful for those outside of the heavenly host to hear.


- He doesn't talk at all, but does know sign-language.




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Re: Saraqael, The Judge

Post by Lazarus Carter on Sun Aug 11, 2013 1:23 am


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